Xl systems for today’s leaders discussion #5

1) Change is inevitable in this dynamic 21st-century global business environment with changes in technological advances and everyday operations.  As a manager in the leading role, it is sometimes hard to motivate a team to step into change when they fear the change themselves. It can be hard to realize that change is about learning new skills and incorporating them to effectively perform job duties. Managers need to make sure when going through changes that their employees feel safe and secure by addressing their fears and concerns. Managers can effectively do this by involving their employees in the change process, consulting with them, and listening to their ideas.  I think managers overlook the resource element of the five elements that are required for successful change. This could result from an organization being understaffed and lacking certain assets. When there are no proper resources comes frustration from all aspects, managerial and employees. As a manager, one should be bold enough to factor in all the resources that will create success – whether that’s additional staff, more printers, flexible hours, or any other resources that will add to long-term success. 

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2) Change is something that is part of everyday life in our dynamic 21st-century global business environment and our every lives. Change is complicated in the business environment because many leaders struggle to fully motivate and engage their employees in the process. I can attest to that per my current working conditions. My manager never encourages us/me to do better. Good things are never noticed. As of now, I only feel appreciated when I am needed to make a miracle happen (work in another office due to lack of employees), when I am not needed, I do not hear from management. I feel like my boss resist change because she is lazy and honestly unfamiliar with the job. She hates confrontation, and the worst thing she could have done was hire her best friend. Having shared all of that, I think my boss will never be successful or effective to change because she lacks all five elements that is required to becoming successful due to peer pressure and the need to want to fit in. 

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