Write essay about the civil rights movement and effects

Essay must be about The Civil Rights Movement and Effects. I’m not sure if you should create your own title or keep this one; read instruction #7 about the title. 

Due within 12 hours. Make sure to consider the word count because the professor want to mention how many words at the bottom of the page. 

Please follow the instruction carefully and be professional. 


– Essay Must NOT has any quotes, statistic, references; all the sentences must be yours.


Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Submit both soft and hard copies of your assignment to the instructor. 
  2. Use font ‘Bookman Old Style’ and size14 for the font. 
  3. Use a space of 2.0 between the lines.
  4. Make sure you have four paragraphs only (introduction, body 1,body 2, an a conclusion) that are clearly separated.
  5. Use a Microsoft Word feature that justifys the paragraphs. 
  6. Write your name, ID, section, and attendance number on the left header. Write the date, however, on the right header, and writing the name of the course, the name of the instructor on the left footer.
  7. Make sure your paper has a title and that it is no more than 250 words. Also, make sure you type the word count under the conclusion.


Approximately 250 words