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Attainment of Goals and Objectives

My Practicum Experience Plan included three objectives I wanted to attain throughout my clinical practicum. I wanted to learn how to match psychotherapy approaches to patient requirements. I spent ten weeks in clinical hours and worked with my team to personalize psychotherapy to each patient’s needs. My second objective was to increase my experience directing group and individual therapy while providing psychoeducation and creating tailored treatment plans. My preceptor assisted me during group therapy and adapted treatment strategies to my client’s demands. My third goal was to assess patient reactions and adjust therapy methods. I worked closely with my preceptor to evaluate patient progress and adapt treatment strategies via hands-on client care experience.

Reflecting on the Most Challenging Patients

I had three difficult instances throughout my practicum that shaped my psychotherapy progress. Working with a patient whom a family member sexually assaulted was difficult (Sachs & Chapman, 2020). This patient needed sensitive trauma-focused treatment, active listening, and a secure therapeutic place to recover and rebuild trust. A first responder who saw his wife’s automobile collision death and developed PTSD and MDD was challenging to support. It requires evidence-based therapies such as CBT and EMDR to assist the patient in dealing with trauma (Lotzin et al., 2023). Working with a patient with auditory hallucinations and developing coping strategies in psychotherapy was difficult. I required a thorough grasp of cognitive and behavioral therapies like CBT to help the patient heal.

Lessons Learned

These challenging patient encounters taught me vital lessons that will shape my psychotherapy career. Psychotherapy taught me empathy, compassion, and active participation. I must keep learning evidence base knowledge to customize treatment plans for each patient’s unique experience.

Available Resources

I have had several healthcare resources throughout my practicum. These tools included preceptor assistance, psychotherapy modalities instruction, organized interview standards, and a therapeutic setting. The Walden University library also has several research publications on evidence-based therapies, including CBT, DBT, and trauma-focused treatment.

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Based on Brunt and Morris (2023), I always used evidence-based therapy with patients. Evidence-based techniques increased treatment quality and guaranteed therapeutic responsibility.

What Would I Do Differently?

Based on my practicum experience, I would improve patient flow and maximize treatment time with each client. Effective time management and client communication would improve treatment results and patient satisfaction.

Management of Patient Flow and Volume

I efficiently assessed each patient within their treatment time to control patient flow and volume. I ensured each patient got the needed care by designing individualized treatment programs and monitoring progress.

Communicating and Feedback

I would aggressively seek input from my preceptor and explore ways to improve my clinical skills. Sharing my psychotherapy development efforts may create a helpful learning atmosphere and secure my role’s advancement (Darling-Hammond et al., 2020). My preceptor’s formal and informal remarks improved my confidence in my knowledge and talents, directing my practicum development.


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