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WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization that publishes leaks and secrets from different sources. The history of the organization tells that over past eleven years it has leaked or published about 10 million secret government documents through its website. CIA is the Central Intelligence agency and is US based one. It is the only civilian intelligence on which the US government can rely and get work done on presidential orders.

Recently, on March 7th 2017, the WikiLeaks website published the documents that contained the information about the methods and techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency to break into TVs, phones and cars. It also contained details about how possibly the soft wares of the global giants of tech like Apple, Google and Samsung can be breached (Holland, 2017).

Whether WikiLeaksis legal or not has ever remained a hot questions and a controversial debate.To prove the WikiLeaks a legal organization, the fact that it operates toprovide a platform to employees especially the government servants where theycan share the sensitive documents without bothering their jobs. Thisorganization plays a pivotally important role for the journalists. On contraryto this, the WikiLeaks is illegal as it breaches the copyright of the sourcesform where it decipher data and publish it anonymously on its website.

The tug and pullwar has remained between the CIA and WikiLeaks but the consequences of therecent published documents can be graver than ever before. As CIA is the onlycivilian intelligence agency upon which the US government has trust and thattoo it is a US based organization so it is obvious for the organizations to askthe US government for its verdict.

Legal Issues  

Some easily comprehendible legal issuesassociated with the CIA WikiLeaks are as follows:

  1. Theseleaks are thought to be passed to the WikiLeaks by the contactors of the CIA:This assumption will lead to massive chaos in the CIA itself. For the timebeing the Central Intelligence Agency is not only facing the severerepercussions of the leaks published by the WikiLeaks and one of suchrepercussion to answer the companies like Apple and Google for violating theirfundamental rights. This can impact the repute and credibility of the CIA. Notonly this but also the US government can be alleged for being the driving forcebehind these bold steps taken by the CIA.
  2. CIAbreach is legally an alarming issue as it has direct political impact: Mostcertainly leakage of highly sensitive information is by no means legitimate andlawful. This unlawful element further gets elevated by its adverse and directpolitical impacts.
  3. TheEspionage Act-1971 is likely to be levied on the founder of the WikiLeaks as itwas deemed once before as well: Once before in the history the founder of theWikiLeaks has been sued on the charge of violation and breaching of the basicand the most fundamental human rights. This time, the organization has taken ahighly devastating step by all means and measures and it is expected and somepeople are hoping to sue the administration of the WikiLeaks as soon aspossible.

Social Issues

The social issues of the WikiLeaks are asmuch explicit as are the legal issues. Some important social issues of theWikiLeaks are here under:

  1. Manipulationof information is a big social issues as far as the CIA WikiLeaks areconcerned: It is in human nature to inflict other humans. Organizations arealso treated as human in international law and the present case says that notonly the WikiLeaks has breached the fundamental rights but has also manipulatedthe information as the statement.
  2. Thewebsite itself says that the administration has omitted some information fromthe documents which will be published later. It clearly shows that themanipulation of the information has been done by the WikiLeaks.
  3. Thegeneral society claims to bother the common wellbeing of its citizens and theUS government being the world super power claims to bring in peace and assurefundamental human rights of every human being across the globe. This claim ismasked by stains as soon as the CIA WikiLeaks are published on the website.
  4. Throughthese leaks the WikiLeaks have undoubtedly breached the social and legal rightsof the CIA which has encouraged the society in general to breach fundamentalrights which is a bad and dangerous precedent. Public has a differentperception than the government or organizations. The ultimate deciphering ofthe message given by the WikiLeaks through this act is the encouragement ofviolation of fundamental human rights and by taking the responsibility openlyas if no law-in-order can sue.

Social Issues

  1. Freedomof Information: WikiLeaks have repeatedly been under attack of some vibrantcriticism. It has always been levied on the organization that it violates basichuman rights by publishing secrets which can have severe repercussions. The samematter is to be seen be with utter different perspective. The WikiLeaksbelieves that it has done nothing unlawful in past and nor will it do. As the organizationcalls its working principled leaking. It is very much obvious to believe thatthrough this leak the WikiLeaks has actually emphasized on its stand for thefreedom of information (Karhula, n.d).
  2. Exposureof Wide Scale Government Corruption: Another important social factor of theWikiLeaks is that it has exposed the ruthless and the corrupt face of thegovernments over the time. It serves to raise the curtain and allows the publicto have the real image. In this way society do not consider it to be unlawfuland illegitimate because the purpose of the WikiLeaks suits the aspirations ofthe public. In societal terms the WikiLeaks enjoys a credible position in thepublic and it certainly means that the organization has the ability toinfluence the society at a larger scale. This factor counts to be an importantconsideration of government as well.

Legal Issues

An important issuethat the WikiLeaks had in the past and is evident in the present CIA leaks aswell is that does the WikiLeaks really know the difference between informationdump and journalism. This is the most debatable and hot questions. People havespoken in favor of the WikiLeaks but in this regard the organization receivemore criticism. Whatsoever be the reason, it is quite certain that theWikiLeaks have often dumped in the information in guise of journalism.

Perhaps the CIAleakage and its aftermath is the perfect time for the international segregationof journalists to stand against the organization. Here the emphasis is not onthe consequences of the leakage rather the important ethical issue is that whyis journalism being made confused with the information dump.


Governmenthacking natives is a method for reconnaissance yet with the protectiondemonstration my question is would we be able to truly know whether the recordsand archives discharge by WikiLeaks are genuine and in the event that they aregenuine what the legislature is doing with all the observation and capacity.Security Breach, Hacking and other type of system interruption will in any casebe here on the grounds that product, developers are advancing and the need tosecure programming and program we have to know their imperfections and the bestway to do that is to hack them. With this Leaks bunches of individuals will beexceptionally cautious on what they put on the web and a few people will covertheir webcam on their portable PC or Smart TV.

Notwithstandingnews scope for the most part concentrating on spying capacities for shopperlevel gadgets, there is a noiseless executioner prowling in the shadows of thelandfill: a few of the apparatuses discharged were non-malware assaults(regularly called file less assaults or “living-off-the-arrive”assaults). Non-malware assaults pick up control of PCs without downloadingnoxious programming. Rather, they utilize trusted, local working frameworkinstruments, for example, PowerShell, and endeavor running applications, forexample, programs, to “live off the land.” These assaults represent agreater hazard than malware assaults since they are harder to recognize andcause more harm.

Thesecurity business has seen the ascent of these assaults as lawbreakers andspies utilize them more. The CIA was additionally abusing these assaulttechniques — given that they’re an about imperceptible approach to rupture aframework — yet the Vault 7 discharge gives these instruments to countlessnoxious performers.  Non-malware assaultswill turn out to be more ordinary, more progressed and more incessant, andsecurity experts wherever should be on high ready. In light of past history, Ianticipate that WikiLeaks will make these vulnerabilities open quickly aftertech organizations make a fix. In the event that they take after this course,will enable aggressors to utilize the devices to direct surgical strikes and weaponizedeach benefit accessible.

Icouldn’t think about a superior contemporary occasion to identify with theabove cases then what was as of late discharged by the most advanced programmeron the planet, WikiLeaks. Prior this month a large number of reports containingmodern programming apparatuses and procedures that were being utilized by theC.I.A were discharged to the general population. This product was beingutilized by the organization to break into PCs, cell phones, and even SMARTTVs. Like the investigation of Flame Malware, these instruments theorganization has under lock and key could take advantage of Skype calls andkeep record of the discussion that occurred. I additionally think the WikiLeaksdischarge is firmly identified with Industrial Espionage through social buildingin light of the fact that the burglary of touchy data occurred and mystery datawas traded off just without the utilization of an insider.

TheWikiLeaks hack is likewise identified with the North Korea hack on Sony on thegrounds that both utilized the internet for pressure. In any case, I don’tthink everybody would concur that the current WikiLeaks discharge was pressure.With all due respect WikiLeaks states it was “pointing out the C.I.A’sworldwide incognito hacking system, it’s malware munitions stockpile and manyweaponized misuses against an extensive variety of U.S. also, Europeanorganization items, including Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and MicrosoftWindows and even Samsung TV’s, which are transformed into secretreceivers.” (Krebs, 2017) So was this WikiLeaks discharge done toconstrain or was it to advise general society of works on being utilized by ourFederal authorities.

Itrust consequential list principles ought to be connected while tending to theissues raised by the WikiLeaks discharge. This moral standard expresses thatdeciding if a demonstration is correct or wrong will rely on upon the outcomesof the demonstration itself. I see it as the all the more great that can bedelivered by the outcomes, the better the demonstration was/is. As to WikiLeaksarrival of data educating the general population that the CIA has the way tohack into our own effects will make you feel somewhat uneasy. I question theCIA has any enthusiasm for hacking into my SMART TV in my parlor since I am notgiving them motivation to. Be that as it may, in what capacity will this affectour military abilities to spy and hack into fear based oppressor associationdatabases now that they know how the U.S. is doing it and what apparatuses weare utilizing? I don’t think WikiLeaks had any expectations on disturbingNational Security rather they practiced their free press appropriate todistribute data they think society ought to know. I simply wish WikiLeaks wasthis forceful with psychological militant associations and would distributesome of their insider facts.


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