Whether you hate training or you are a workout enthusiast, you can’t ignore the craze activewear is causing, can you? But what’s causing the explosion in popularity anyway. This blog presents everything you need to know about activewear to help you realize why you can’t be left out. Specifically, this blog presents some of the features that make activewear the most sort after gears for sports, workouts or even casual wear.


The increasing popularity of activewear

Today, activewear is as big as ever. And from the look of things, it is a trend that is here to stay for some time. Manufactures are not sleeping on their jobs either. They are getting better and better, incorporating high tech in their designs. The last few years have indeed seen a surge in activewear that it seems they have cemented their category in not only sports fashion but, the clothing industry as a whole. Few clothing designs have made such an impact in a short period like this gym apparel. And the reason is beyond the casual look and comfort they provide. One might argue that the popularity of activewear is due to celebrity endorsement. Well, while they might be true, it is not entirely accurate. Here are some of the benefits that activewear provide, which is, in turn, making them more and more popular.


There is nothing more annoying than sweating profusely and feeling downright squelchy and soggy during your workouts. But we can’t avoid sweating during exercises, can we? Your plan for a perfect training can quickly go south if you find yourself always picking your soaked training wear off your skin.

With the right clothing with high breathability and moisture management feature, you will be able to concentrate on your workouts. Our activewear designs are focused on comfort and performance. Besides, it will be challenging to provide your best when you are all soggy and generally experiencing discomfort. Our activewear is specially designed to wick away sweat and leave you dry and comfortable. Moisture or sweat-wicking is the absorption of moisture from the skin followed by evaporation leaving you dry. Suppose you are asking how this is possible, well, it is easy.

Our activewear is made of special fibres, and yarns along with softeners to supplement and enhance the moisture-wicking effect. The in-built sweat absorption system wicks away moisture to keep you dry and light. Besides, our activewear designs are ideal for all activities, including baseball, training, soccer, basketball, NFF, American football, yoga, cycle, weight lifting, squat, skiing, and rashguard. The most apparent benefit of sweat-wicking fabric is that it helps the wearer remain cool throughout the workout. Second, not only do the in-built capillary allow moisture to evaporate, but they also have high breathability rates. Further, they have stain release features and are thus easy to maintain.

Activewear is durable

If you are an exercise enthusiast, chances are you know the importance of having activewear that can survive different workouts programs. You don’t want an exercise cloth that you will continuously be shimmying into after only two months. The trick is to find activewear that is a workhorse of workout clothes. You might find a workout a gear that fits like nothing you have seen before, and before you know it, it’s already lost its elasticity. And is not as supportive as it once was. Any pair of workout clothes that is loved will begin to age quickly.

But that does not mean that you should replace one after every two or three months. Discoloration, loss of elasticity and material failure after a few months are features of poor activewear. The choice of fabric is essential to activewear design as they play a significant role in the levels of durability, comfort and performance. Also, the type of fiber is a crucial specification that determines fundamental properties such as durability, strength, luster, friction properties, handle, abrasion resistance and heat isolation. In this regard, polyester is one of the fabrics blended with natural fiber to make masterpiece’s that are durable. Besides, you don’t want to spend a fortune to get excellent, durable workout clothes. Compared to what you find at a typical sale rack, our activewear is relatively durable.  We offer incredibly durable and wrinkle-resistant activewear.


We all know that it is virtually impossible to work out in a tight jean as they do not provide a good range of motion. They are also not breathable and would be rubbing against your private parts. That’s not comfortable, is it? Choosing the right workout clothes is an intricate process that needs serious consideration of some significant factors. Comfort is essential as this will keep you focused on the exercises. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the activewear you choose fits you perfectly and will prevent painful chafing, skin irritation and will allow freedom of movement. You do not want loose sportswear that will only catch on equipment’s and results in tragic accidents, or overly tight ones that will restrict your range of motion. In that regard, our activewear comes in different sizes and colors—remember what they say, always try your sportswear before you buy them. Besides, if you require activewear made up of expandable fabric such as Lycra or spandex which will provide you with a wide range of motion, look no further. It will help to remember that if it fits perfectly like a glove and provides a wide range of movement, then voila, that’s the right sportswear.


Your everyday clothes, including cotton t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and dresses, are all designed to keep you warm and generally make you look good. These clothes are not created for high-intensity workouts, running or cycling. If once or twice you found yourself running in your shirt or cotton t-shirts, chances are, you know how uncomfortable that feels. It is for these reasons that serious athletes and exercise enthusiast go for highly technical activewear. The reason is that this high tech activewear are created with materials that support muscle movement and thus help you work out much harder and for long periods. Besides, experts acknowledge that activewear helps reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness and post-training muscle cramps as compared to wearing non-activewear.

Compression leggings, for example, are meant to enhance blood flow to your muscles during workouts and therefore improve oxygen flow to the muscles. Besides, studies have shown that compression activewear enhances variables linked to endurance performance. And this is mainly because of improvements in biochemicals variables, running economy, muscle temperature and perception. Experts also argue that compression activewear help wearers benefit from, reduced muscle inflation, damage and pain.

We offer compression activewear for pretty much all activities. Not only do our active wears fit like a glove, but they are also fashionable and would make you look great. Its no doubt, you will get compliments from almost everyone. Besides, you can sleep, run and even work in them. What’s not to like!

Look good, and you feel confident

Next time, try showing up in your yoga class or gym session and just observe everyone walking in. There are high chances almost everyone is walking in dressed in fashionable activewear and looking confident enough. Active are randomly becoming the trend, and you cannot afford to be left out. Whether you are just looking to impress, or just make yourself look confident, activewear is your best option. And if you intend to make yourself feel better, do not hide in baggy clothes. We have in stock some beautiful cuts and shapes activewear that will fit perfectly. Besides, we have activewear lines have some great tailored fit that is excellent for after-the-gym activities. Today, it can be argued that activewear has become a wardrobe staple for many who value fashion and sportswear. Lucky for you, we have in stock numerous brands that will help you achieve all your fitness goals while at the same time keeping yourself flawlessly trendy. Whether you are looking for high-performance activewear or cute activewear that you can go straight to other activities from the gym, we have activewear for you. The better you feel in your gym clothes, the more positive towards the exercises you tend to be.

Activewear for every environment

If you are planning to exercise in any environment, we have activewear for you. Suppose you are planning to carry out your workout program this summer when it is hot, we have a lot of options for you. The worst thing you can do is rock wrong clothes for workouts in the given weather. For example, inappropriate shorts during summer can end up rubbing against your thighs. If you are conducting your exercises outdoors, you must put the weather into consideration. In hot weather, activewear can help protect you from heat-related injuries. Loose activewear, for instance, allows air to circulate freely and will thereby keep you cool. Also, we stock a range of colors to help you choose the most suitable color for each specific weather—light colors as opposed to dark colors reflect the sun rays and thus prevents it from absorbing more heat. For the cold weather, we have easily layered activewear to allow you to remove each one as you gradually heat up. We also provide, active wears with polypropylene layer to help you absorb heap as you exercise.

Activewear picks your body.

To prepare for your workout session, you know what you need: solid shoes, water to hydrate yourself and perfect fitting activewear. But remember not every activewear out there fits your shape. There is a whole array of activewear out there. Many are tailored to fit a specific type of bodies such as busty, petite, hourglass, apple, and pear shape. If you love your body and wants to flaunt it, activewear is your best bet. But you must be careful when choosing your piece. If you have those Marilyn Monroe-esque figure defined by an hourglass figure with a burst and hip circumference that matches, you will want activewear that brings that out. To accentuate the curves for comfort and aesthetics, we have in stock something that will flaunt your waist while at the same time balancing your hips and bust. We got your back. And if you have the pear shape—the Jennifer Lopez-esque curves—defined by a larger hip circumference and a smaller bust, you will want something that will create an illusion of a balanced body.

Further, if you love your petite body and want to flatter your gorgeous frame, you want something that will create an illusion of elongated bottom half. Here we have activewear including leggings with stripe down that will lengthen the legs and visually add some inches to your frame. All we are saying is we have every activewear that will flaunt your figure and bring out its potential.

Best activewear to hide cellulite

We often get asked, “what is the best activewear to hide cellulite”. For starters, let us dive into what cellulite actually is. Cellulite is a harmless dimpled-looking skin that occurs in the thigh region. It usually forms when fatty tissue in the skin pushes up against connective tissue and is common in more than 85% of women aged 21 years and above. If you want to hide cellulite, you should choose your fabrics carefully. From the feedback we have received from our clients over the years, the best fabric to hide cellulite is polyester, Lycra and nylon as opposed to cotton. The reason is that cotton usually holds moisture; meaning that if you sweat during your workouts, the cellulite will be visible. On the other hand, polyester, Lycra or nylon wick moisture and keeps your body dry. The second thing to consider is fitting. Grab activewear that is strong and fits perfectly. In this regard also, cotton is not strong, is less stretchable and tends to tear easily. But the key here is the stretchability of the activewear—If it’s stretchable and has good compression, the cellulite won’t be visible. Also, our advice is that, since cellulite often forms on the lower abdomen, you should consider using high waist activewear. In this regard, we provide the best high waist leggings with high compression to allow you to bend without revealing the cellulite. Most importantly, our polyester made leggings will help you generate heat that will ultimately help burn the fat that contributes to the formation of the cellulite.

Activewear when pregnant

For one exercise during pregnancy is very important. For instance, it helps decrease discomfort, helps keep weight gain in check, reduces backache, bloating constipation and enables you to sleep better. And most importantly, staying active during the last trimester helps strengthen the heart and blood vessels, hence making labor much easier. The days of potato-sack dresses for pregnant women are long gone. Here we have much activewear for pregnant to work out in or just stay trendy. Besides, studies have shown that some specially designed activewear for pregnant women can help decrease the ‘bump bounce’ by almost half when running.

The research clearly indicates that activewear can indeed help improve the comfort of pregnant women as they attempt to exercise. One example of activewear that is designed for pregnant women is the Terramed Maternity Leggings. This activewear combines adequate support for pregnant women with style. It is made of nylon and spandex, soft, breathable fabrics that provide stretchy support. The Terramed Maternity Leggings is worn over the belly allowing the compression band to stay up and snug against the belly.

Can activewear be used for swimming?

Another question we get asked a lot is, “can activewear be used for swimming?”. If there one thing that consumers love is a piece of garment that is multifunctional. Consumers want a cloth that one can go from a boardroom meeting and straight to the bar. Activewear is one such clothing designed to be worn for exercises, sports and outdoor activities and is quickly becoming a mainstay of this century fashion. Swimming is no exception. If you are looking for clothing that can take you from the swimming pool straight to the gym or vice versa, activewear is your best bet. This gear is already designed with features that we look for in a good swimsuit including waterproof, moisture-wicking, lightweight and breathable fabrics. Swimsuits are also built with compression just as activewear. This means that activewear is not likely to sag when wet. However, this does not mean that all activewear is created equal. You will need to check with us if you are looking for active wears that can serve both purposes.

Non-see through

Leggings are sexy and can help you achieve multiple trendy looks. But the fact that many leggings can be a see-through is a deal-breaker—it is the reason many choose not to wear them. Non-see through leggings, on the other hand, are priceless. Finding a pair that does not make you look like you are flashing your wild, wild west is not easy. And if you find one, please stick to that brand. But here is the secret of finding non-see-through activewear: choose your fabric carefully. Activewear made up of thick fabric lined with fleece are relatively less transparent. But if you are a legging fan, you probably know that that’s not always true. Some thin, incredibly comfortable and well-made fabrics similarly happen to non-see through. You can even wear colorful underwear, and no one will notice. It would help if you always put your activewear through the stretch test Infront of a mirror. This stretch test will ensure that you don’t just jump into your brand-new leggings and hit the streets only to realize later that you have been flashing your neighborhood. If it’s online shopping, ensure that the non-see-through is guaranteed. Alternatively, you can check the reviews. The chances are that if someone has been disappointed, they would be crying in the reviews.

Anti-odor technology

Have you ever wondered why some people have strong body odor while others don’t yet we all sweat? You know that disgusted-face, scooch away, and side-eye every time you forgot to wash your gym clothes. Workouts are meant to boost your mood. But you know, what can dampen your mood while working out, the strong odor from your exercise clothes.

If you are someone who sweats a lot or you know you have a strong body odor, staying away for the gym is not an option. All you have to do is purchase anti-odor activewear.

Well, on its own sweat has little odor. The formation of body other comes from the bacterial activity on the surface of our skin. Anti-odor technology blocks or kills the bacteria on the surface of your skin before they breakdown sweat to produce a strong odor. But this is not the same as sweat-wicking—sweat-wicking fabrics only helps you remain dry and cool; it has nothing to do with odor. Long runs usually mean a lot of sweating and foul odor. If you love running, invest in activewear with odor-resistant liners that will keep away the strong odor. This anti-odor technology will prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so the funk is stopped at the source. With our anti-odor activewear fabrics, your exercise clothes do not have to smell like a swamp. The anti-odor technology incorporated in activewear will keep your fabric stench-free even intense exercise where you sweat profusely. But one question, that begs the answer is whether anti-odor technology is safe to use.

Is anti-odor technology safe?

The truth is that exposure to silver nanoparticles (used in anti-odour technology) throughout your exercise warrants less concern as compared to exposure through products we apply every day on our skin—lotions and creams. Nonetheless, we stock brands who design intelligent anti-odour solutions for effective antimicrobial activewear and antimicrobial fabric that has a history of safe use. But if you are so scared of the anti-odour technology more than the lotion and creams you apply directly on your skin, we have a bit of good advice for you: stick to the normal activewear.

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