What Types Of Research Twitter Can Use 1269 2021



Research is critical to the sustainability of any brand. Evaluate what types of research twitter would need to employ to ensure that their service remains relevant to their target market


Twitter can make use of different types of research in order to ensure that their service remains relevant to their target market.For example, they can choose between primary data research or secondary data research.Primary data involves collecting data directly from their target market using methods such as interviews, questionnaires, surveys, focus groups and so on.Secondary data involves analysing data that is already available. This can be analysing data analytics, website visits,etc.Primary data collection may be more valuable and it can provide new/more interesting insights, but it requires more resources such as more time and money.Secondary data collection, on the other hand, is easier and cheaper to collect but may not provide any new insights as primary research would and may not provide complete information.Depending on the data collected, they can analyse the data using qualitative analysis or quantitative analysis.




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