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One of the definition of event is that an organized occasion such as a meeting, convention, exhibition, special event, gala dinner, etc. An event is often composed of several different yet related functions. Getz (2005, p.16) Another definition is that an organized occasion such as a social function or sports competition. (Encarta, 2007) Each event must have a theme or purpose and each event has a beginning and an end. So there are different kinds of events such as festival, celebrity appearance, and sporting events. (Watt, 1998) For example, the World Cup is sporting event which is a worldwide event. In China, one of the most important events in Chinese culture is Spring Festival. While in some companies, events are held by managements, they will organize daily work and tasks of the event such as hold meetings and set up a launch. In a conclusion, events are playing a big part of society as a whole in nowadays.

According to the diagram above, there are 4 aspects special events may impact which are known as social and cultural impact, physical & environmental impact, economic impact and political impact.

There are many advantages of social & culture impact, for example, shared building community pride, and shared experience. Events play an important part in encouraging social interaction and the celebrations of happy occasions and its probably more important in society. (Shone & Parry, 2004) For example, the Live 8 concerts which took place in 9 countries coincided with the G8 summit at Gleneagles in 2005, the shows planned to pressure world leaders to drop the debt of the world’s poorest nations, increase and improve aid, and negotiate fair trade rules in the interest of poorer countries. (Wikipedia, 2007)

2. Physical & environmental impact

Some events crate a great deal of advantages to the physical & environment, such as showcase the environment, infrastructure legacy and increased environmental awareness. Infrastructure legacy means thing left behind after the event. For example, the Beijing 2008 Olympics is a good example. The sport venues (Birds Nest) can be used in the future and the new 3 metro lines will improve the transportation. On the other hand, there will be also some negatives including environment traffic congestion, environment damage, pollution and traffic congestion.

3. Economic impact

There are many positive economic impacts, for example, the destination promotion by events will increase tourist visits to the place, many job will created by the events, tourism revenue generated by the event, and increasing tax revenue. For instance, the London Notting Hill Carnival (2002) brought around 93 million pounds into London and supported in the region 3,000 fulltime equivalent jobs, whereas the infrastructure costs are the money spent on infrastructure can reduce spending on other areas such as education and health. Its known as the opportunity costs.

4. Political impact

In fact, governments have played an important part in bidding for hosting and staging major events because of the opportunity for social regeneration, international prestige and job creation. Events have the ability to engender social cohesion, confidence and pride. (Wood, 2002) For example, Beijing Olympics make the society more cohesive than before. Whereas the negatives are the risk of event failure, lack of accountability and propaganda purpose.



There are 4 main areas of planning and staging events: initial planning, detailed planning, implementing the event and post event evaluation.First of all, there are 2 parts of initial planning: creating the event concept and evaluating the event concept. Creating the event concept focuses on the 5 Ws which means Why, Who, When, Where and What. (Goldblatt, 2005). Evaluating the event concept means a feasibility study or a screening process will be undertaken to choose the best concept. (Shone & Parry, 2004)

The Planning of The Event

For any kind of event which is small or big detailed planning and organising is very essential for its success, sometimes there is a lot of time taken to decide everything which should never be underestimated , because it may require some special advice , or may be the permission , the availability of artists and sale of tickets and many other issues. So generally for any event it is advised to begin planning at least three months in advance to get the desired results.

The Event : The True Spirit of Unity In Malaysia with a cultural Diversity in Association With Lexus

Date :

The Venue : Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – Centre Court Level 3

The Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur is the most happening spots in Malaysia , one of the most famous malls , everyday where there are thousands of people gathering around for various reasons such as shopping , entertainment , hangouts , coffee , get together ,and so on.

The centre court is the perfect place for conducting this multicultural event and the reason for the selection of this venue is that it is in the heart of the city and there are numerous people from various parts of the city and from various cultures and even many tourists gather here for various purposes which were mentioned earlier. So the reach of the event will be comparatively more than the any other venue and the other good thing is that the target audiencce you have all the age groups visiting the mall right from youngesters to the old age people and is fully packed with great shops for shopping , cinema halls and restaurants .Apart fromt his since there are great number of shops it becomes easy to get the sponsors as well for conducting big events as they can also help in a way to promote the events. More over it is in the heart of the city so travelling is much easier and even in the past the number of events conducted here have been a success.. To be precise and short the main reason behind the selection of this venue are listed below

Great Reach – Value for Money

To Attract Sponsors

Targeting Audience


International Exposure

Site Suitability, Layout and Design

There has been a lot of consideration given behind selecting this venue because the number of people the event should reach is a mass and The pavilion Kuala Lumpur is the apt venue for such an event but when there are a lot of people involved many things have to be considered the space availability which is a lot in the Pavilion the ground Layout is it grass or rough , inside pavilion it is fully made of Marble with a fine design of Water fountain at the exterior. Apart form this there will be a number of fun filled activities and the all the aspects about the lighting has to be considered since this event will be in the evening , Apart from this the safety aspects have to be considered the Fire Exit , The entrance and the management of People with in the building with out any Mishap.

The design and layout of pavilion is absolutely convenient for this event which is fully filled with fun filled activities and the launch of the car , so the exhibition of the car and the events space where the activities will go on and the viewing gallery which is a view in pavilion and hardly any other mall in Malaysia can have such a great viewing gallery because this mall ha s four more levels up which are circular and almost people can view the event from all the levels which is a very good aspect.

Site Plan

Pavilion is planned and designed absolutely well and the even manager has to decide what he needs where because the site is absolutely perfect with the entrance from one end which is the main entrance and leads to the centre court at level three where all the events are staged. The mall is well equipped with perfect fire exits at many points , and toilets for the convince of the audience and the traffic .

Crowd/Traffic Management/Parking

It is very important that the management of the crowd has to be done very efficiently and to ensure that this does not end up in any kind of a conflict and to ensure the smooth running of the event. So everything has to be considered such as the crowd profile and so on.In choosing your site consider how easy it will be for people to gain access and what car parking facilities are available. Unplanned and uncontrolled access and egress to a site could result in a serious accident. Will you need to have stewards to direct people to and from car parks? Consider both traffic flows and pedestrian routes. How will you segregate the two? Do you need to provide barriers/ signs or ask for a road closure to help with safe access? (If road closures are required, signs on the highway, traffic diversions and/or the placement of cones are required, an application must be made for a traffic regulation order and/or approval from the highway authority.) How will contractors get their vehicles onto site? How will emergency vehicles get on and off site and how will you ensure that emergency routes are kept clear? Adequate signs and directions should be provided in prominent positions on the approaches to the entrances. Local rail and bus companies should be advised of larger events to establish if existing services are adequate. You will also need to liaise with them if road closures or diversions are intended. A traffic management plan with site maps may help to make the arrangements clear for all people working at your event.

The Concept Of The Event

The Concept is very important behind the success of any event. This event is a cultural Event with a mix of some corporate style which is unique in its own because many events are corporate or either cultural but the concept behind this event is all about the ethnic diversity of people living in Malaysia. Where we speak about the 1 Malaysia and the hospitality given to various tribes of people. This cultural event will focus on making the relations of various countries and the people even more stronger and bringing the feeling of oneness in the human kind. The events include a range of cultural events from various countries especially from India , China and the Middle east , which is sponsored by Lexus who are launching their new model of car of the year which is small segment of car which many people can afford to buy with amazing features.

A Brief About the Company and the Need For a Sponsor

Lexus is one of the world famous companies in the automobile industry with its wide range of Cars and is world Famous and is available for a class of audience , and is running successfully all over the world and has many competitors as well.

Every event needs a sponsor for the smooth running of the event because capital and funds are very essential for any event and more over having sponsors can make the event more interesting and can have many programs and great prizes as well for the audience which can attract them to participate in the event as well.

Since this is a cultural event with a liitle mix of corporate it is a must to understand hwat aare they first .

What are Cultural Events

Cultural events tend to be interlinked with major events as due to the media coverage they attract significant numbers of visitors. These types of events stem from traditional routes or festivals. Major musicals such as Phantom of the Opera reap considerable tourism revenue for Londons west end and are classified as cultural events. Festivals within the events industry which involves the arts have a clear specific programme delivered with a clear purpose which can be usefully applied. Cultural events according to Bowdin (1999) can be sub classified. These are as follows:

High profile cultural event, tend to have a multitude of aims in order to be able to reach the highest standards, to gain a high level of media coverage, to reach a broad breath of the population and to generate high levels of income.

Festivals which celebrate a particular location are festivals which aim to bring people together to celebrate their local area. These events often feature a large number of local groups.

Art form festivals, offer unique opportunities for those wishing to see the particular event and the art forms associated with it.

Celebration of work by a community of interest, are festivals which highlight a particular group, an example of this being a fundraising musical concert raising money for the NSPCC. These events often contain a large proportion of participatory workshops.

Calendar events, these are cultural or religious festivals, Christmas for example. Indigenous traditions of large scale assembly have generally died away within the UK. However foreign influences have brought carnivals and melas which enhance the cultural mix of festivals within the UK.

Amateur arts festivals, this is a low profile sector but still fairly large involving thousands of people.

Commercial music festivals are the most commonly known and attended cultural events. Commercial music festivals take place in most major cities and even outside, for example Robbie Williams has performed at Knebworth.

What are cooperate Events

Organisations have to be creative enough these days to compete with their competitors to survive in the globalised market. A corporate event can involve a number of things especially great planning because any mishap can spoil the image of the organisation so they have to plan everything very effectively and try to organise the event and then try to accomplish their goals with this event by reaching their audience or may be it might be a company get together as well.

The Impact of the Event

There are many advantages of social & culture impact, for example, shared building community pride, and shared experience. Events play an important part in encouraging social interaction and the celebrations of happy occasions and its probably more important in society. (Shone & Parry, 2004) For example, the Live 8 concerts which took place in 9 countries coincided with the G8 summit at Gleneagles in 2005, the shows planned to pressure world leaders to drop the debt of the world’s poorest nations, increase and improve aid, and negotiate fair trade rules in the interest

The Timing Of The Event

The Timing of the Event is very essential because everybodys convenience has to bee seen especially the target audience , when they hangout and other things have to be identified.

This traditional cultural event will take place in the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur during the entire weekend starting Friday the 5th June which will be fully filled with great refreshments , games , music , family activities , quizzes , dramas , competitions and huge artist markets dance events like belly dancing , live music and fair. The event which is entirely free of cost will be held from June 5 to June 7, 2010. One can find almost every kind of art, painting, sculpture, jewellery and more. In this great place

The most sensational part of the event is its musical show. The event holds a lot of relevance in the society since such festivals also seem to educate young children This event always brings with it the shades and blossom of various cultures around the world especially in Asia along with exciting entertainment.

The timings of the festival are as follows:

On Friday, the event begins at 1700 hrs and lasts till 2130 hrs at night, while on Saturday, it will fall between 16:00 hrs to 21:30 hrs. The last day of the Dogwood Festival 2010, Sunday, will see the gates open at 16:00 hrs and end at 21:00 hrs.

Marketing The Event

Marketing the Event is the most important for the success of the event. The most important aspect of any event is to achieve its objective here in this event the main focus is on bringing in all the ethnic cultures under one roof which is the pavilion and also show to the world the unity which prevails in Malaysia which can improve the tourism industry as well and then the next focus is the grand launch of Nexus SAHE which is the latest car from the Lexus company.

Since this event is to be held in the Pavilion there will be a walk in crowd for sure but still it would be important that there are come promotional activities to be carried on so the marketing of the event will involve the following methods to achieve the goals and objectives of the event. When ever there is any kind of marketing going there is a big gap between the promises done and the actual expectations , generally what happens is the audience attend the events and spend their money without any results favouring them which is very common , so things have to be considered because the audience have this fear in their mind. , so the campaign designed will be in such a form that if somebody reads the advertisement he should be attracted they should be persuaded towards the event.

The most common methods of marketing would be the following





Radio Jingles

Email Marketing

Internet banners

Promotional Ads with Gifts.

So all these will create a buzz among the people and in case if there is a teaser ad it can create a sense of suspense what is it , which could also lead many people to walk-in .

The Cost for this Event

The cost factor is very important for any event to be conducted because without the money no event cannot be conducted but at the same time the event should be worth the money . Although there is a sponsor for the event it is important that there are other methods of looking for more money like co sponsors , allocating booths to other advertisers and so on to cover up some cost from the event because this event is mainly from eh sponsors and nothing is covered from the audience , which is totally free for them.


All the cost mentioned are approximate to the best of my knowledge which would be suitable for this event

The Site






So the total expenses are

And the estimated expenses

Key components of a successful event

There are 7 key components of a successful event: establish the Mission and Objectives for the event, human resources management effective leadership, satisfying stakeholder needs, do detailed planning, implementing the event and good post evaluation report.

A clear statement of purpose and vision should underpin every statement. (Bowdin, 2006, page 124) A vision or mission statement describes in the broadest terms the task that the event organization has set for itself. (Bowdin, 2006, page 123) Objectives are based on the mission statement and provide more clarity as to what the event is trying to achieve.

Event is a kind of labor intensive goods because there are volunteers. Olympics Games is a good example, there were about 1,700,000 volunteers in 2008 Beijing Olympics. The core of every successful event is planning and management of human resources effectively. (Bowdin, 2006, page 144)

Every successful event must satisfy most of the stakeholders needs such as the community, host organization, co-workers and media. (Bowdin, 2006, page 99)

The personality and leadership style play an important part in how an event turns out. (Watts, 1988, page 31) Moreover, in the event management process the event leadership styles play an important role in it. (Goldblatt, 2005, page 159)

Finally, its the implementing and evaluation. Implementing is to achieve the plan and should have both plan A and plan B. If there are some accidents, you can use the plan B. Evaluation is get feedbacks from customers after event.

The Event Management Process

There are 4 main areas of planning and staging events: initial planning, detailed planning, implementing the event and post event evaluation. First of all, there are 2 parts of initial planning: creating the event concept and evaluating the event concept. Creating the event concept focuses on the 5 Ws which means Why, Who, When, Where and What. (Goldblatt, 2005) Evaluating the event concept means a feasibility study or a screening process will be undertaken to choose the best concept. (Shone & Parry, 2004) There are 5 parts of detailed planning: objectives, situational analysis, financial planning, marketing planning and operational planning.

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The financial planning and good financial control are important part of the event management process. (Shone, 2004) Venue selection is the most important decision in event management process in many events such as wedding reception and birthday party. Operational planning includes getting every in place for an event and focuses on staffing, venue selection, equipment and catering. (Shone & Parry)

In the event planning process, the marketing plan is a significant component. It focuses the 4 Ps (product, pricing, places and promoting).

The Important Aspects To Be Considered

There are 6 very important elements that any host of a major international event should consider:

Supplying new and/or redeveloped housing and venues

Identifying and creating opportunities for employment and business growth

Increasing public transport and accessibility without interfering too much with everyday life

Improving the design of the urban environment, by creating new exciting venues, protecting heritage sites, and securing safe, well located public domains

Protect and improve the natural and cultural environments

Encourage efficient planning and encourage investment, job creation and business confidence


My Role as an Events Organiser

An events organiser has many important roles and duties that need to be accomplished. In a events environment, the typical duties will usually include:-

To research the current market in order to identify if there are any prospect for that type of events;

To communicate with clients to determine their specific requirement for that particular event.

You would also need to create a thorough and comprehensive proposal for the events. This would include: – timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets.

You would need to set, agree and control a budget;

You would also need to book a suitable venue for the events to be held.

An events organiser would also need to guarantee that the insurance, legal, health and safety requirements are adhere to;

coordinating venue management, caterers, stand designers, contractors and equipment hire;

organising facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and the media;

Some events may need special guest to be at the events, so it is the events organisers role to recognize and also secure the speakers.

They would also need to plan the room layouts and also schedule the workshops.

Manage staffing requirement and staff update;

The final straw of the role of an events organiser is that they would need to supervise the disassemble and removal of the event and also making sure of clearing the venue competently




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