What Are The Causes Of World Hunger


World hunger has been an ongoing problem throughout many centuries. The ones that have food take it for advantage and never realize how many billions of people around the world do not have anything to eat. It is insane that 11.3% of the total population is in need of food. That is about “805 million individuals who go undernourished every day, expending not exactly the prescribed 2,100 calories per day” (“11 Facts About World Hunger”). The question then comes down to why exactly are there malnourished people around the world. To be realistic, there are many events that cause world hunger. Factors such as war and conflicts, poverty, and extreme weather conditions influenced by climate change are the largest contributors to worldwide malnourishment.

Wars and conflicts tie together and are a detrimental factor that contributes immensely to world hunger. Wars lead to a huge mass displacement and deserted fields resulting in crop failure. As a source said, “the resulting crop failure, combined with a soaring inflation rate that puts imported food out of reach, has left 3.5 million people hungry” (“The Top 9 Causes of World Hunger”). These corrupted disasters make it harder for people in developing countries to have access to sufficient food. Third world countries where there are way too many poor people suffer the most during the times of war or greater conflicts. In an article about hunger it stated, “after years of civil war in Liberia, one man said he knew that peace was taking hold as he noticed the return of farm animals on people’s land. During the war, rebels and soldiers had seized the animals for food, leaving their victims to starve” (“What Causes Hunger”). During wars, soldiers do not care about anyone but themselves and it is devastating to hear how often they destroy lands and kill animals just for their use. As long as they get their food and fight,  they do not care for all those people that are struggling without food on a regular basis. They seize the animal for them and their family but always leave the ones in need of food to suffer. More than half the time it is the poorest people struggling and suffering because of these wars and conflicts. When people have to move from one place to another because of disasters it leads to conflicts. Conflicts with trying to get used to the new area, harvesting again due to the fact that lands are ruined through disasters, and migrating itself is a lot of work but when one comes home after a long day they come home to little to no food. Displacement plays a huge role after war happens and that is when world hunger starts to rise. During most conflicts and wars the soldiers and fighters kill the animal and take control of the farm in order for the victims to listen to them and go by their terms. Wars and conflicts leave many developing countries to rise in world hunger.

Although there is enough food to feed all those around the world, people living in poverty face world hunger due to the fact that they cannot afford nutritious food. Poverty is one of the major cause of hunger. When there is a big amount of unequal pay leading people to a lack of resources, these problems all cause the dimensions of poverty (“11 Facts About World Hunger”). Many people around the world live with no food simply because they cannot afford to buy and provide food for them and their family. Some people don’t even have the money to buy farming supplies to grow crops and feed their family that way leading thousands of people in developing countries to lack nutrition in their day to day life. Poor people may have at least a little bit of money which they may try purchasing food to feed themselves, but usually with the amount of money they have they would only be able to buy poor nutrient food. Just because they have the money it does not mean they have access to healthy nutritious food. Most commonly in third world countries, girls are married off at a very young age causing them to have very little to no education and when this happens they are forced to work in factories with barely any money given to them. With this little amount of money they do their best to feed their family and do everything they can but it usually isn’t enough to feed the entire family, leaving many people hungry with no food. Childrens end up working at a very young age instead of going to school and when they become adults its harder for them to get government good paying jobs to provide for their family, and when this cycle of poverty goes on billions of kids and adults around the world go undernourished every day. People don’t have sufficient income to grow crops or purchase nutritious food and feed their family members and themselves. For example, a source said, “As of 2013, when the most recent comprehensive data on global poverty was collected, about 767 million people are living below the international poverty line of less than $1.90 per person per day” (“World Hunger, Poverty Facts, Statistics 2018”). With no money comes poverty, and now poverty leads to world hunger.

War and poverty are not the only factors causing world hunger, weather conditions influenced by climate changes and natural disasters cause many million individuals to go undernourished every day. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and really hot or cold weathers can cause world hunger throughout many countries. Things get destroyed when there is a lot of rain or it is too humid it can ruin the harvest and crops reducing the number of food people can get. The poorest regions are usually the ones most affected by the increase in climate change. As a source stated, “droughts are the single most common cause of food shortages in the world. In 2011, recurrent drought caused crop failures and heavy livestock losses in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya” (eSchooltoday, “What Are The Causes of Hunger in The World?”). Climate change is a huge factor for farmers due to the fact that in order for their crops to grow they need sunlight and water and they need to live in a place where it is suitable for them to grow crops. Crops are farmers greatest source of income and when the climate changes start causing the weather to be bad they lose income. When they lose income they become unstable to feed themselves and their family, inclining the number of people that starve day to day. In an article about climate change affecting world hunger it said,  “In many countries and regions, mobile pastoralists who depend entirely on their livestock herds for their lives and livelihoods are losing their animals to droughts and diseases. Traditional low-input farming is also becoming more difficult due to unpredictable rainfall patterns” (Russell, “4 ways climate change causes world hunger”). It’s devastating to hear many billions of people have to go through world hunger because of the fact that their way of life which is traditional agriculture is dying due to all the climate change problems causing the weather to be really bad for harvesting. Also, farmers start losing animals since the animals do not have proper crops to eat, which means people do not get enough meat and protein food to eat. The article also stated, without cutting edge water system frameworks, most farmers in creating nations rely upon precipitation. In areas of the reality where rain has declined, crops fall flat. In spots where the landing or flight of regular precipitation has moved, farmers either plant crops too soon or past the point of no return, missing the most elevated precipitation. Notwithstanding for farmers with access to the water system or best in class climate data, disastrous tempests and dry seasons will result in underway disappointments (Russell, “4 Ways Climate Change Causes World Hunger”). Sometimes due to the climate change in some parts of the world, there is less rain and when farmers depend on rain for their harvest and when that fails, their crops also fail. The things that people take for advantage in first world country art the things people in third world countries are dying to get to provide good nutrition for themselves. People complain about the rain and climate in this society today without even realizing how many billions of people around the world are needing it at that moment. climate change causing the weathers to be bad has been changing the game all around the world increasing worldwide malnourishment.

The people that have new food on their plates every day do not worry about when or where their next meal will be, but there are billions of people around the world in developing countries suffering from diseases and dying to find food each day to provide for themselves and their family. World hunger has become an ongoing problem that no one is surprised to hear about anymore, and nor are they willing to make a change and help. “In 2010, an estimated 7.6 million children — more than 20,000 a day — died. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of these deaths” (“11 Facts About World Hunger”). The causes of world hunger are one of the many complex issues that are multi-parted. The key forces behind world hunger are wars and conflicts, poverty, and weather conditions influenced by climate changes. There is more than enough food in the world today that is not being distributed properly. It is time to make a change and concur world hunger.

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