Week 8 assignment q | Nursing homework help

Assignment:   The LPN and the patient requiring tube feedings.  Go over the case study on Chapter 5 and submit APA Paper.

Instructions:  In Chapter 5, a patient was transferred to a nursing facility under the care of a licensed practical nurse. The nurse failed to follow tube feeding directions on a timely basis and this eventually led to the patient dying. Answer the following questions in the form of an APA paper: 

a.      What were the physician’s orders during the transfer from the hospital to the nursing care facility?

b.      In your opinion, what should the care team done differently to avoid such a dire outcome?

c.      What was the nurse’s responsibility when assessing the patient and realizing she would not have the feeding tube available in a timely manner?

d.      Should the care team have discharged this patient to this level of care or not and why?

Paper must be at least 1 page, excluding title page and reference page. (at least 1 reference no more than 5 years old), make sure to reference the article. 


Approximately 250 words