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CLED 830

Literature Review: Part 4 – Related Literature & Rationale Assignment Instructions


A strong literature review for a dissertation should offer a comprehensive synthesis of related literature. This portion of the review will delve into related topics and sub-topics of your research topic. A good literature review must also offer a clear rationale for the research study, suggesting a gap in the existing literature, which the study will seek to address.


You will write a draft of the related literature, rationale for the study, and gap in the literature segments for your Chapter 2 literature review. These segments are part of the requirements of a Chapter 2 literature review for a dissertation in the Christian Leadership Doctoral Programs, as described in the Program Handbook: RESEARCH PROCESS (DISSERTATION HANDBOOK) section.

Include citations from the important authors in your topic and related sub-topics. Consider providing a strong organization of the topics, sub-topics, studies, and content. The literature will help create this structure for you. Make sure your writing flows from point to point and section to section. This part of the draft should be a minimum of 15 pages (double-spaced), with at least 20
additional academic quality sources (both used with in-text citation and included in a reference page). You must include an introduction and conclusion for the overall Chapter 2 literature review. The previous written segments must also be included in the submission. In other words, you are building one overall draft of your Chapter 2 literature review. The culmination of this assignment, coupled with the previous submitted drafts, will be a completed first draft of your literature review, chapter 2 of the dissertation. The draft needs to be reviewed for spelling, grammar, flow of thought, and current APA style prior to submission.

1. Title page (APA formatted)

2. Research Purpose Statement and Research Questions after title page (APA formatted)

3. Introduction for your Chapter 2

4. Theological Framework (include the body of this prior assignment)

5. Theoretical Framework (include the body of this prior assignment)

6. Related literature, rationale for the study, identified gap in the literature (
See the description above for further understanding of the paper requirements and expectations.)

7. Conclusion for your Chapter 2

8. Reference page(s) (APA formatted – include

references at this point)

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.



Approximately 250 words