Week 6 discussion: mental health considerations in the assessment


Week 6 Discussion: Mental Health Considerations in the
Assessment Process

Assessments that are designed to accurately diagnose the presence of substance use

disorders must also consider the client’s mental health in order to develop the most

appropriate treatment plan. There are additional assessment tools that provide

supplemental information about the client’s mental health and can be added to the main

substance abuse assessment.

For this discussion, locate a screening or assessment tool that measures current mental

health symptoms that can be added as supplemental information to the primary

assessment. Discuss the instrument and provide the following:

1. Name of instrument.
2. Why did you choose the instrument?
3. What information is collected from the client when using this information?
4. How will this instrument compliment the primary assessment for substance

use disorders?

● 1 page minimum
● 1 reference minimum


Approximately 250 words