Week 1 project | STAT 3001 – Statistical Methods and Applications | Walden University


For each week’s Project, you will answer statistical questions and solve statistical problems using the Statdisk software. Remember that the primary focus of these exercises is to understand how to properly solve statistical computations using the Statdisk software. It is also important to focus on the approach you took to arrive at a solution. Grading weight will be placed not only on correctness, but also on the depth and clarity of your answers. In the Week 1 Project, you will learn how to open a file; copy, paste, and sort data; input data; and transform data. Assume all data files that you work with are samples unless otherwise stated.

Note: You will NOT receive full credit for a problem submitted without an explanation. Questions about this assignment? Post them in the Contact the Instructor area. That way, everyone in the class will see and benefit from the Instructor’s response.

To prepare for this Project:

  • Complete the MyLab Statistics Homework for Week 1.
  • Review the rubric using the link below to see how you will be graded.
  • Review pp. 3–7 in the Statdisk user’s manual.
  • Download the Statdisk software to your computer by accessing and follow the directions. Contact your Instructor if you have difficulty with this process.
  • Watch the following videos:

Project Resources (click to expand/reduce)


Approximately 250 words