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Singapore is a no more farmland country so that mean can’t save more water. First I will write about Singapore fresh water information, second I will write about the government solution for the water scarcity issue, after that I will discuss the which solution is good for reduce fresh water scarcity and write some of my opinion for solve this issue. In the last I will conclusion the answer and give some suggest. When you want to know the detail information, in the last page I will give some source web site.


  • Singapore is a famous poor water country and it most water come from another country provid. This report I will talk about Singapore how to reduce fresh water scarcity. Well we know the fresh water is very important to biome because the body have high per cent work from the water and it can help you eating, poop and transport energy. From the research the body have seventy per cent make for the water and when miss fifteen per cent it will meet died danger, so for the research the water is very important for our life. In global have fresh water scarcity problem, some scientist research some solution to reduce this trouble for example in seawater join some special energy can make it become fresh water. We know technology improve our life, most country have water recycle system. I think in the future each house have own small water recycle system.


  • Before the research,I find the Singapore water come from the nearly country and rain. Although precipition is high than another country but it no more land so it is poor water country. From the internet I find the Singapore how to collect the rain and the water used for. I think the chemistry system is very important for reduce fresh water scarcity because in Singapore is very careful for water. In my opinion this information is very important because it provide me more detail and it is good background befor the article.


  • Singapore is an island and urban city state and not hence so it have high per cent water on Malaysia supply. For the terrain reason, the Singapore can’t save more water although it rain high than another country. In early because technology grow up quick and government not very care about industry, so most industry have most pollution and local person use groundwater so in after this country meet drink problem. In beginning the government to put forward buy the water for Malaysia and recycle pollution water. Then it carry out most plan desalt seawater to drink water, develop Newater plan, this plan objective is bring waste water that better than public water. I think they best plan is build impoundments and reservoirs, it can college most rain water and reduce water loss so in Singapore have most this building and most fresh water is come from here. The government don’t want fresh water go to sea so they build barrage separate the sea and reservoir, when reservoir can’t save more rain water it can help it ejectment the more water and it can save the low lying area. In my opinion the government can calculated each family use how much water, when it used more can suggest when they not hear can require pay more money and they also can reward use water less family, it can make everybody save the water and government donate little money to reward save water very well company.


  • From the finding, we can see the Singapore have big water problem and they also take more measure to reduce fresh water scarcit. So I think my hypothesis is true, my hypothesi is in the future, each house have small water recycle sickle. from the technology grow up quick and the global fresh water scarcity issue to become more serious, we must have save water mentality and now most family have water purifier, it erasure people want to drink health and clean fresh water. In the future, the water recycle sickle have good change, it become not expensive and big, the government will subsidy it. All in all the Singapore do most action is want to solve fresh water scarcity issue. I think solve this issue is not only government work because we can’t leave the water, and the water useful for our, so we must have save water mentalit. Well actually the government most action is want to reminds people have save water mind. We know in global have most country have fresh water scarcity issue and the population become more and more, human most careful about fresh water issue, so I think most country should study Singapore method.


  • All in all the government proposed is want to reduce fresh water scarcity and they also want to reminds people to save water.


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