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This report mentioned about the water scarcity in Singapore. There are lots of water problems happened over the few past years. I have searched several websites and some scientific essays about the problem which is discribe as a serious water shortage in Singapore. The hypothesis is that they can improve the situation if they continue to follow their policy, and the final findings actually proved my hypothesis. At last, several solutions are compared and judged, such as using water from another city while developing the water system inside their country. Also, other ideas and factors are concerned in this report.


This is a scientific report which is all about water scarcity in Singapore. It is a serious problem that their usable water is really in a shortage level. Every living life there lived on their limited water resources. These problems mentioned different areas in water chemistry, such as analyzing the elements in the water to make sure if the properties of those rivers are suitable for people to live. In China, it is common to see green water in the city, because of the impurities that came from the factories mixed in the water. (XinHua, 2011)Accorfing to the research, there are only 100 cubic metres available for each person in China. However, in rural places of China, this kind of position is even serious, these are all caused by the environment. To talk about water, aquatic ecosystem is a large factor of this area, it means the whole surroundings, including the living things and the environment in a particular place. Chinese governments had made countless laws to protect the water properties, and had encouraged people in those areas start to take actions to collect rain for desalinating. This way can actually improve the water problem but is not enough for people to use during time passed. From my point of view, the best way of dealing with this problem is to keep the strategy that they are using now, because it will be fine to keep the country going on.


My research information is quite reliable, because they referred many websites from government, academic websites, and also from some famous universities. Several websites and essays are compared together in order to find the best information for my main topic. The causes of polluting water, the local situation of water in China and Singapore, the supply and the demand of water that each country faces, all the problems mentioned above are researched carefully. The reliability of each websites are checked, and the usable factors of information are selected, my hypothesis is supported by these information, so they yshould be brilliant ideas in this report.


According to the research I had done, water scarcity becomes the largest problem for the whole world. The increasing of population forces the government to solve water scarcity immediately. After mid-1960s, Singapore started to develop its economy, and this causes the large demand of water but citizens can not paid for it. Hence, this leaded to the water scarcity. Chew Men Leong said that Singapore mostly relied on water from Malaysia since 1927. These countries are always friends because of the relationship of water. Years later, Chew Men Leong indicated that their Singapore government should use the lands wisely and hurry up in the area of water reuse system. Then, they spent years of time working on improving the reuse system, meanwhile, they appeal people to save as much as they can. (INSEAD.edu) The biggest problems happened in Singapore are the reuse of water, and the supply problem. The website shows that it often rains in Singapore, but the lands in Singapore are too limited, there are only few lakes that can store water. Another problem is that the population in Singapore is continuing to raise, although the usable water is providing more and more by the government, citizens still do not have enough water to live. I have done same search on China, it is also a country that facing a serious situation with water scarcity, and there are some relations between these two countries. After research we can see that the government had transform water from Johor to cities in Singapore in order to improve the serious problem. Further more,from 2011, the technique of collecing water had helped Singapore increase 2/3 of their lands so that citizens have more lands to live on.

Here listed the problems China has: (Graphic 1)

  1. Lagging water resource management reforms
  1. Lack of an integrated, efficient, and effective institutional system
  1. Weak water resource management
  1. Underdeveloped water rights system
  1. Slow establishment of water markets
  1. Overemphasis on engineering projects compared to management approaches
  1. Lack of a stable financing mechanism for environmental investment
  1. Insufficient attention to role of natural water bodies to support ecosystems

(Glenshewchuck, 2010)


Referred to the findings, the hypothesis is supported. What government did to their citizens is not enough for solving this water problem, because the information I collected had obviously shows that as the development passing, the population of people in Singapore had also raised a lot, and they are still worrying about the supply of water in their country. If this policy is used in China, it also can not solve water scarcity, especially when the population are too large, because this is the largest cause of a mass of water demand. As the hypothesis described, the government can do more to their country, such as develop more lakes for storage the rain, they had already set up a great water reusing and water desalinating system, and the weather there provides them enough rain each year, if they could use those rain, the problem must be reduced a lot. Water scarcity had disrupted people’s life in Singapore, and nowadays the problem is getting larger and larger, the governments also made laws to protect and remind people that fresh water is not countless. Believe that everyone in the world can see different types of advertisements both on the wall and television, they are all about telling people to save water, bacause as we know, there are only 2.5 percent of water can be used by human. In addition, we can easily find that there are some similarities between Singapore and China, although they are not in the same situation, even they are totaly different in the reasons of water scarcity, they are both need an integrated water system. They are both slow in developing water system. (Glenshewchuck, 2010) Hence, the protection and more strategies should be done by every individual in the whole world, Singapore can also use the strategies which China used, firstly compelete the policy of using water, reduce the price of water for poor peole rationaly, and then keep environment clean enough for people store water for reusing. In order to improve the environment, both of them had appeal people to keep rivers clean, and what they can do is to continue this action.

Conclusions and Recommendation

All in all, the hypothesis is supported by the evidences I provide before. Obviously, there are also a large amount of researches can be done, because the development is moving faster and faster, the demands are also becoming larger and larger, if they do not change this situation, it could be worse. However, there are only references from the Internet, but I think this is not enough, there should be more references from scientific books, because books are published to the public, they can not be changed by anyone.


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