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· Population: Pediatric Patients between the ages of 0-6 years of age

· Intervention: Providing both verbal and written vaccination education to parents/guardians

· Comparison: Compared to providing minimal to no education to parents/guardians

· Current standard of practice when patients come to an office for vaccination is to give a pamphlet before administering immunizations. The majority of practices give patients and/or guardians an information sheet or leaflet, but they don’t explain anything verbally or give them opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns.

In a recent study following a new intervention, the vaccination rejection rate fell (from 9.00% pre-intervention to 6.40% post-intervention) (Jamison et al., 2022).

· Outcome: Increased overall vaccination compliance rates

· Time: Over the next 12 months


Formatted PICOT question:

For pediatric patients between the ages of 0-6 years of age, will providing both verbal and written vaccination education to parents/guardians in comparison to providing minimal to no education, increase overall vaccination compliance rates, over the next 12 months?


Jamison, K. C., Ahmed, A. H., Spoerner, D. A., & Kinney, D. (2022). Best shot: A motivational interviewing approach to address vaccine hesitancy in pediatric outpatient settings. 
Journal of Pediatric Nursing
67, 124–131.


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