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Submit the Leadership Portfolio

In many instances, when you apply for a leadership position, you will be asked to provide evidence of leadership, or a statement of your leadership philosophy.  For some organizations, you may be asked to conduct a brief presentation of your leadership skills. Therefore, you should think of this leadership portfolio as a document that will help you advance your career as you reveal your successes and philosophies regarding leadership.

Potential employers will want to know how you deal with people, productivity, crisis and change. 

For this submission, please organize your personal Leadership Portfolio following the order below, compile them into one document and submit your complete portfolio.  Your annotated bibliographies do not need to be included in your portfolio, but I anticipate seeing a References page with resources listed and in-text citations to show where you used the resources to help support the content covered in your portfolio.  

Please be sure to place section headers with the names of each selection below in your submission.  

Below are the sections you must include:

1.  Executive Summary (My Personal Leadership Mission/Vision/Values)

2.  My Personal Leadership Strengths

3.  My Personal Leadership Skills

4.  My Personal Approach to Leadership

5.  My Personal Leadership Ethics

6.  Pulse-Taking: Organizational Climate

7.  Organizational Culture

8.  Crisis Leadership

9.  Change Leadership


Approximately 250 words