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Week 4 Healthcare Policy & Finance discussion

Weekly Discussion: 4 (USLO 4.2)

To be an advocate for Policy development at the Federal level, you must be actively engaged with legislative efforts. To do so, you will need to be aware of who your legislators are.

To determine who your legislators are, visit 

Plural’s Find Your Local Legislator webpage
(This site will list both your State and Federal officials.)

In your discussion post, address the following:

· In which state do you live?

· Who are your state legislators? Include both your state senator and your state representative.

· Who are your federal legislators? Include both your U.S. senator and U.S. representative.
 (You could have more than one for each.)

Then, visit
 and choose one piece of pending federal legislation about which you feel passionate.

· What is the name of the pending legislation? Include both number and title.

· Where is it in the policy development process – is it heading to the House or heading to the Senate?

· Why are you passionate about this particular piece of pending legislation?

· Depending on whether it’s approaching the House or the Senate, which of your federal legislators would you contact if you wanted to advocate for this bill to become a law?


Approximately 250 words