Unit 5 discussions (acc211) (bus311) (cis112)

Unit 5 Discussion(ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

Is it important for a company to follow a strict budget even though they may be experiencing phenomenal profits?  Do you think that there will be a bias towards greed when creating the budget for this company?  Explain.

How does management greed influence budget decisions?

Please consider each of the questions separately in this post.  It is important for you to understand the value of the budget as a blueprint for the business – even in times of exceptional “good news”.

It is also important to consider the role of greed within the budgeting process of the firm.  Perhaps you might want to think about the budget as a communication to employees about what ownership and management believes is its focus.

You might even want to see if any other of the exceptional “bad boys” in the business world were reflecting their greed even within their budgeting documents.

Unit 5 DB: The Direct and Indirect Approach(BUS 311 Managerial Communications)

Choose one of the following prompts.  Write two brief messages for the chosen prompt.  First, write your message using the direct approach.  Then revise your message to demonstrate the indirect approach.

  • A message to a customer informing him that his order is on      back-order and will arrive three weeks late.  It’s December 15 and he      was expecting the package to arrive by Christmas.
  • A message to your boss notifying him that you have to extend your      paid time off because you missed your flight and cannot attend an      important business meeting on Monday morning.
  • A message to your team of 10 employees notifying them that there      will be no year-end bonuses because you did not meet your department      goals.
  • A message to all employees informing them that to avoid layoffs      each employee will need to forfeit one week’s paid vacation.

Unit 5 DB: Misleading Graphs and Charts(CIS112 Intro to Computing

When it comes to data, long lists can be difficult to understand. Graphs and charts are excellent ways to understand and analyze the data in an MS Excel worksheet. Formatting graphs and charts themselves can lead to a misinterpretation of the data being analyzed.

First, read through the following article on Misleading graphs: Real-life examples.

Choose one of the graphs shown in the link provided. Discuss why it is misleading.

Go beyond simply repeating the information found on the website.

  • Why is the graph misleading?
  • What makes it misleading?
  • How could you make the graph more accurate?
  • Does the source of the graph have any impact      on the interpretation of the data?


Approximately 250 words