Unit 3 application assignment: the hiring process | intro to business | ECPI University


“Good grief. I didn’t realize we needed all this knowledge and these skills and abilities to start and run a business. I thought we could just come up with a good idea and get started,” said Shawn. Sofia answered, “Right. It’s not as simple as we thought. What do you think about working for a company for a year or so while we work on our own business? We could learn a lot more about how a business operates and gain some valuable experience.” “That’s a good idea. We should look at what kind of jobs are available for the company or industry we are researching.”

You, Sofia, and Shawn are ready to go on a fact-finding mission to see what type of positions might be of interest and what companies look for when recruiting new employees.

IMPORTANT: Corporate websites usually have a Careers section, or some similarly named section such as Jobs or Hiring. These sections are sometimes at the top of the web page, but they are usually found at the very bottom of the site.

If you cannot find a job posting that interests you for the business you are using for these application assignments, you may use a second business in the same industry.

Your report should cover the following points. Your report should be approximately 2 pages long, and you should use at least one resource. This resource should be the corporate website. Once again, there is a template under General Information below. The headings in this outline are in the report template for you to use.

  • Introduction
    • Identify the business you are using for this report.
    • Provide a very brief description of the business.
  • Job Posting
    • Provide the title of the job posting and include a live hyperlink to the job posting.
    • Provide the job description. Note: You may copy/paste the job description, but you must format and cite the quotation.
    • Identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) required.
    • Identify any requirements for education, certifications, and experience.
    • Provide any additional information about this job.
    • Explain why you are interested in this job.
  • Checks and Tests
    • Are any background checks, credit checks, personality tests, or any other types of tests noted?
    • You may omit this section if there is no information provided.
  • Compensation
    • Describe any salary and benefits included in the information on this site. Example: The company might give a salary range. The company might offer a 401k plan, health insurance, tuition reimbursement, etc.
    • Note: If the website does not include any information on benefits, list the benefits you would expect to receive if you accepted a job with this company.
    • Explain how compensation and benefits might affect your choice of employer. What might be important to you and what would not?
  • Conclusion
    • Based upon your findings and research, do you believe this company offers opportunity for professional growth and development?

General Information About Your Report

  • **Once again, we have prepared a template for you to use for this report.**


Approximately 250 words