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LO 3:  Understand the different types of UK airport, their ownership and characteristics

Title: UK airports

Map of major airports in the UK


For P5:   Describe different types of UK airports and their ownership.


These have short haul scheduled international services, and long haul, charter and domestics services is available as well.

Eg Liverpool john Lennon (LPL)

Operate/ owner: the peel group, group

Major International airports

Provide a verity if international services. both long and short haul also have chart and domestic services.

Eg. Manchester (MAN)

Operator/owner : Manchester airport group (MAG) private


Some domestic services, sometimes short-haul services as well as charter and general aviation services

Eg, Blackpool

Owner: Balfour Beatty, public

Operator: squires gate airport operation Ltd.

3. For P6:   Compare the operating characteristics of different types of airports.

Regional airports

Liverpool john Lennon (LPL)

  • route network

long and short haul, point to point, domestic service

  • number and type of airlines

8 airlines which offers low cost scheduled service, charter

  • number of passengers

4 million passengers in 2014

  • cargo tones

40,000 tones in 2015 (Airportwatch.org.uk, 2016)

  • passenger facilities and services, e.g. car parks, shops, restaurants, executive lounges, hotels

have a variety of parking service only available through pre-booking

restaurants, shops, and lounges are also at the airport to suite everyone needs, terminal passenger 4,458,500

  • operational facilities and services

runway 7,497 ft of asphalt run way with two handlers

(Liverpool John Lennon Airport, 2016).

Major International airports

Manchester (MAN)

  • route network

long haul, short haul

  • number and type of airlines

approximately 70 airlines, low cost scheduled, full service, charter, cargo

  • number of passengers

approximately 23 million passengers

  • cargo tons

250,000 tones by 2015

  • passenger facilities and services

offers adequate parkin foe either short stay or long stay, shops restaurant hotels, lounges are available to meet every passengers need

  • operational facilities and services

two runways and three terminals, three handling agents

(En.wikipedia.org, 2016)

Local airport

Blackpool airport

  • route network

short haul, domestic

  • number and type of airlines

one airline for passengers and a helicopter service to oil platforms

low cost airline, domestic, chartered service

  • number of passengers


  • passenger facilities and services

one new lounges no hotels

car rental is available from the air port

  • operational facilities and services

two terminals and must give a 24-hour notice for handling

  • scale and location of general aviation operations

two training schools located between the British Army camps and Squires Gate and at Weeton and Kirkham.

Offers helicopter operations and also the center of private clubs

(Anon, 2016)

For M2:   Discuss why an airline might base its operation from a particular airport.

EasyJet bases its operation from Manchester airport (MAN) because this airport offers  a vast range of services and have connection to major cities and holiday destination. Also the airport facilities example the three terminals is another factor of why EasyJet uses this airport (En.wikipedia.org,2016).Due to the fact that Manchester airport is very popular  and it have won different award siding with this airport is good for business because when the airport grows EasyJet will somewhat benefits from this. (Manchesterairport.co.uk ,2016)


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