Travel And Tourism Industry Is Growing Tourism Essay



First and foremost, the angle is preparation. Preparation is an important thing for people that want to travel. A good preparation before travel will lead to a much enjoyable trip. These days travel and tourism industry is growing very fast. Firstly, to prepare for the trip, researches are first done to know more about the country. Nowadays, all the travel agencies are well connected to various hotels, airlines, and railway agencies. So, the tourists of tour do not have to spend extra time preparing the itinerary. Besides that, travel agencies serve their clients by providing best tour packages at cheaper rates. That’s why, these tour packages is very much in fashion these days. These packages have their own benefits. On the other hand, if tourist prefers to travel in the F&E method, researches regarding accommodation, food, travel spots, or transportation have to be done personally through the internet or by personal experience from others.

Other than that, the checklist of that tour and “free and easy” preparation are different. If go with a tour, travelling agencies has taken the courtesy to come up with a check list of necessary documents and necessities before travelling. Furthermore, travel agencies will always remind the tourist to bring the necessities before go for travel. In this case, tourist may travel comfortably. But for F&E, checklist must be created by you, if you remember to create one. One of the benefits of creating your own personal check list is clearly because it would be more personal and intimate. Anyway, tourist that travels with “free and easy” have to always bear in mind to bring things in the checklist before travelling because no one will remind the tourists unlike tour.


Second angle would be time. Time is very crucial element. This is because every second wasted during the trip, is every second lost, therefore time management is very important. By following a tour, tourist is guaranteed to enjoy the trip to the fullest extent. The whole trip is scheduled specially for different types of tourist, for example, shopping tours, historical tours, and relaxing tours. But, there is always a price to pay for all this convenience. The scheduled is so packed that sometime, only a short limit of time is applied to each travel spot. Hence tourists do not have the option to stay back or just go. Punctuality is most likely to be favored. However, in the F&E tour, the whole trip is literally, prepared and done by the same tourist. Thus, tourists are able to provide a looser schedule or itinerary. Besides that, sudden change to the trip is always applicable. In this case, punctuality is not an effecting variable.


Next the third angle would be cost of expense. The cost of these two trips varies greatly. It can be different in two different aspect, flexibility of cost and budgeting the cost of expense. Tour is said to be less flexible because tourist have to pay a fixed amount of money for any relevant package they chose. Example, if a tourist wanted to visit Indonesia, if he is taking a tour he is only had a choice to pay RM2000 to go to Jakarta. As for the F&E tour, it is much more flexible. Tourist may cut off and add in any expenditure during the trip and just travel the place they wanted to visit. For example, another tourist that wanted to visit Indonesia and he doesn’t want to follow by tour he can choose where ever place to visit other than Jakarta.

As for the budgeting of the cost of expense, the tour’s travelling package has already included everything from accommodation, air ticket, foods and others with a fix amount of money. The only budget to work out is for shopping or emergency use. But if following the F&E, all of the above cost included in the tour has to calculated and figured out carefully because of its tight budget so that we won’t over spend our money for unnecessary things.


Fourth angle would be safety issues. Safety is a very important factor when travelling. Visiting foreign places exposes the tourist into danger constantly because, due unfamiliar with the new place. Travelling by tour is said to be more secured because a tour guide is much more familiar with the trip and is responsible to put their clients safety as first priority. On the other hand, travelling in F&E tourist’s safety is not assured to the maximum. Furthermore, cheaters usually pick on small group of foreign tourist to cheat on for their money, properties, and sexual violations too.

Moreover, travel agencies make it a must for every client of theirs to first purchase travel insurance before travelling with them. Normally the insurance fees are already included together with the tour package. Therefore, obviously, there is much more level of protection. For F&E insurance is an option to choose.


The experiences that tour tourists gain are different from free and easy tourists. Firstly, the people that tour meet are different from free and easy. In a tour, tourists are travelling in a big group, tourists have the chance of making new friends during the trip. Other than that, the fact that they all originated from the same country, communication is not a problem. After the trip, they are possible to become good friends. For free and easy, like hitch hiking it is normally done in a small group and usually good and close friends. Thus, they may not have the opportunity to social actively with the people of the country, but free and easy tourists have more opportunities to interact with the locals. For example, free and easy is more flexible though out the whole trip, they can choose things that they want to explore base on their desire and their time are always adjustable compare to the tour that is fully scheduled by travel agency, so free and easy tourists have more chances to interact with the local’s peoples and explore the local’s culture.

Next, the commercial experience for tour and “free and easy” are not similar. When travelling with a tour, usually the travel agencies have a contract with local business in the country to make extra income that can lead to a raise in the economy for the particular country. Business for example, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries, local product shops will be a must stop for the tour. But for the free and easy, like hitch hikers normally look forward to the country’s beautiful scenery, local delicacies, local people, local culture and a whole new different experience. Ordinarily, tourist that takes this trip is to escape from the urban stress and not to face commercial promotions.


The last angle is which method of traveling is most beneficial. Most of the time tourist will prefer travelling with the most convenient and discount rates. Convenience is very important when travelling because tourist expect to have least amount of stress and prefers to just sit back and relax. For that result, taking a packaged tour is most likely to be the best choice. By just choosing which country and they wish to explore any time of the year will do the deal, the else are all taken care by the agency itself. Furthermore, travel agencies has already commercialized into franchise retailers. In this modern era, everything can be done with the internet too, simplifying the whole process into just a click from a finger. On the other hand, F&E will not be as convenient as the packaged tour. Air ticket has to be book much earlier for a cheaper price, and same goes to the hotel bookings too. All of the transaction have to be made via internet paying through credit card services. Any sudden changes will not be permitted as a fine will be charged.

Next, travel agencies have connection all a around the world, hence having special promotions and price rates, according to the season. Tourist which prefers to enjoy everything with a simple decision will prefer it very much. Hence, travelling by tour is much more pocket- friendly. F&E also has special promotions but only limited to a very short period of time only.

In a nutshell, according to the article is most clearly stated that the benefits of taking a tour are much more compared to F&E travelling. From six of the angles in the articles, specifically during the preparation of the trip at the beginning, the time consumed for preparation and processing the transaction, all the cost and expenses for tour package or F&E tour, safety measurements for the trip, experience comparison among the methods of travelling and benefits awarded during the trip.




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