Travel And Tourism Industry And Virgin Atlantic Tourism Essay


The first organisation I want to talk about is Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic is an extremely popular and successful airline. Virgin Atlantic provides many services on board their flights, and it’s a scheduled service.

Organisation Two: The Tour Operator – Thomson.

The second organisation I’m going to talk and describe is Thomson Tour Operators which is part of the TUI group. Thomson are a multinational tour operator, and they offer a great deal of services towards the consumers who choose to holiday with them. A tour operator has major responsibilities towards the consumer, the travel agent that books the holidays, flights and other ancillary services, and even airport staff from ground handling and aircraft maintenance. Although Thomson can fall under the category of airline, they are also a tour operator and travel agents. Thomson is listed in all three component areas. Thomson specialises in package holidays, but it doesn’t just limit the company to that. It provides a great deal of services towards the customer such as:



Car Hire


Package Holidays

Below I will analyse and discuss the services of each of the above listed products.

Flights: Flights are a crucial product of Thomson. With Thomson creating package holidays to match their customers specific needs, they need a way to transport them to their destinations. Thomson have a large fleet of aircraft in their company, almost the majority being Boeing 767’s. When a customer books a holiday with Thomson, naturally, the travel agent or their company website that books the holiday, has to arrange seats on an aircraft. Thomson are a chartered airline, and offer many inflight services, at a small cost, or sometimes, depending on the service completely free. Thomson’s airlines offer the customer services such as Duty Free, on board entertainment, meal and drinks services, premium class and priority handling. This is a difference with low cost budget airlines, as a charge has to be made for all services, right down the baggage allowance.

When a customer books a package holiday, or even just a flight, for a specific date, a seat on one of Thomson’s aircraft has to be available, otherwise, the customer can simply not go on that date.

Hotels: Travel companies and tour operator’s leases hotel rooms from many chains of hotel, so their customers can reside there whilst on their holiday. This all comes back to availability, if a customer books a package holiday, the flight seat has to be available, along with a hotel room, or as many rooms required by the consumer. However, this is not that big an issue, as computers and technology makes this easy for travel agents or even the customer at home.

Hotels have to be up to the standard stated on Thomson’s website, if Thomson’s state that a hotel has five stars, it has to have five stars, again with product description, if the website of the travel agent where the holiday was booked states that the hotel has a sea view, then it must otherwise this breaches the trades and product description act. Hotels have to live up to not only the consumer expectations, but the Tour Operator’s too, in this case Thomson. Thomson want’s the customer to have a relaxing and enjoyable time whilst on holiday, and if the hotel is damaged, or services are not up to scratch, this can seriously jeopardise the customers overall happiness and satisfaction. The consumer may, or probably will complain to a travel rep onsite, and this is reported back to Thomson or the travel agents where holiday was booked, the Tour Operator may choose to terminate the contract if a high volume of complaints are received, as this will not only damaged the hotels name, but also Thomson’s too, who are responsible for the customers satisfaction. Errors like this can prevent return business, and referral to that customers friends. It’s all about first impressions.

Now within the hotel, there are many roles that have to be performed daily or regularly. A major role that is essential, not only to maintain the hotel is cleaning. The hotel has to be clean, not only for the image and reputation of the hotel, but for the customers satisfaction. If a customer walks into the lobby, and finds garbage and paper all over the floor, their first impression of their accommodation will not be the best, and may put them off from enjoying their holiday all together. Rooms are cleaned daily in hotels, but certain hotels have gone “green” meaning services such as bed sheets are only changed every other day, and towels are washed every few days, unless stated by the customer, by the use of a card that informs the cleaners to take away and replace the towels and sheets. Hotels are responsible for the satisfaction of the customer, as well as the travel reps, and tour operator. All staff in hotels should be friendly, including the cleaners. Hotel staff are responsible along with a travel rep, in this case a Thomson Travel rep to ensure that the customer is enjoying him/herself. If a customer has a problem, they should feel like they can approach a travel rep, or a member of the hotels staff, to complain and have the problem addressed. Complaints should be dealt with quickly and appropriately. If there is an issue with a hotel room, and the customer is dissatisfied, then the customer should either be given a replacement room, or have the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Pass Three: Write a review on the different types of interrelationships in the travel and tourism industry for example: Chains of distribution, integration (Including both Horizontal and Vertical) and interdependencies. Use diagrams where applicable to illustrate your review.



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