Tours To Niagara Falls From New York City Tourism Essay


New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is the financial capital of America and is also called the ‘big apple’. A large number of tourists visit New York every year and the number just keeps on increasing.

New York has a number of beautiful locations for sightseeing, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, WTC memorial, Central Park and many museums, theatres, art galleries, university campuses and amusement parks. Various city tours such as escorted tours, group tours, bus tours, car tours, private tours and individual tours are arranged for the tourists according to their preferences.

Escorted tours are structured programs inclusive of sightseeing, meals and accommodations for a group of tourists traveling together, led by well-informed escorts. Escort tours are very popular in America, as they take care of all the details, such as flight bookings, arrival pick up and drop, hotel accommodation, sightseeing and any other requirement that may arise. This gives the tourists a stress- free and enjoyable experience and they are able to make the most of their holiday.

The duration of these escorted tours depends on the package chosen by the tourists. They are normally fast paced and wind up in a day or two. Some of the tours cover all the major sightseeing locations in a day, while others offer a more detailed tour. These escort tours give real value for money and time. Tour directors mainly conduct escorted tours and take full responsibility for the tourists and their needs. These tours are conducted by motor coach.

Escorted tours offer a very secure sightseeing experience, as the escort is available for any issues tourists might have. A number of New York tour operators offer escorted tours priced at a slightly higher rate than regular tours.

Tours To Niagara Falls From New York City

New York city is a popular holiday destination, with many attractions and exotic locations. Niagara Falls is located at a distance of one hour, by flight from New York City. Many tour operators arrange convenient one-day tours from the city. The tour operators even arrange the pick- up from the hotel. This is extremely beneficial for tourists who are staying at the New York hotels.

Niagara Falls is on the international borders of USA and Canada and can be accessed from both the countries. It is close to Buffalo in New York State and from there, it can be accessed by road. The Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfall in the world and attracts nearly twelve million tourists every year. Some of the tours are conducted at night, when the falls take on a different look.

The guided tours are available in foreign languages, such as Spanish, Mexican, Chinese and Russian. These are season specific and are available only in the peak seasons. Most of the tours from New York are also designed for handicapped people and the tour operators make the necessary facilities available, for their transportation and movement. The tour operators also offer discounts on their services.

Some tours are arranged by road, but it takes almost eight hours to reach the falls and so the duration of the tour could exceed a day. Boat rides are also included in the tour package, by which tourists get to experience the thrill of being showered by the Niagara Falls. The tours also include a ride in the specially designed elevators that are very close to the falls, to give a closer view.

A number of tour operators arrange a variety of tours from New York City to Niagara Falls. Prices vary depending on the type of tour chosen.

Free New York City Tours

The ‘big apple’, as New York is fondly referred to, is the busiest tourist destinations in America. It has a number of attractions and breath-taking locations, that are a tourist’s delight any time of the day or night. New York is one of the leading metropolitan cities in the world and is considered the finance capital of the world.

New York is one of the most expensive cities to tour in the world. Many NGO’s and local groups arrange free tours for groups of five to six people. The main purpose of these free tours is to change the opinion many people harbor, that New York is a city without a heart. The idea behind the free tours is to enable tourists with rigid budgets, to be able to enjoy their holiday. These tours help the tourists to cut down on the extra expenses they would normally incur on sight seeing.

Some well-known banks also offer free tours of their premises on certain days. The duration of these tours is limited to few hours and tourists need to make advance reservations in order to avail of them. Similarly many public parks, stadiums, art societies and museums offer free tours on certain days and at specific times. These tours also have the free services of qualified guides, who give all the historic and strategic importance of the place being toured.

Tourists can also research all the free tour options and reduce their cost on touring considerably. Most of these tours are held as free walking tours to the city’s famous landmarks. These free tours are a great way to tour the city and enjoy it with family, friends and fellow tourists. A list of all free tours reveals that, almost half of New York City can be toured without spending much.

A Guide To New York City Tours

New York city is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is well known for its tall buildings, nightlife and the world famous ‘Statue of Liberty’. This finance capital of the world is expensive to tour, but a little research definitely helps.

It is natural to get confused while personally designing a tour of this big city, after observing its diverse cultural heritage. Hence, it is advisable to conduct a little research and use the expertise of a tour guide. Many reputed newspapers and magazines of New York publish city guides, in order to help the tourist to find relevant information, even before arriving in the city.

Many travel agents conduct their own research and compile their own guides. These guides could be biased towards their own services. Many professionals choose tourism as a profession and dedicate their whole life to gaining valuable, hands- on experience of the tours available. The tour guides compiled and written by them are by far the most accurate and useful to all tourists. These tour guides can be purchased at reputed bookstores and on the Internet.

Many travel related websites also conduct their own surveys and compile tour guides. There are many websites dedicated to tourism in New York and tourists find them very useful. A standard tour guide gives the names, addresses and contact numbers of all the hotels and resorts present in the city. It includes the names of all the travel agents, timings and information regarding all the flights and trains arriving and leaving New York, with location maps. The guides also have information of all the tourist attractions and suitable timings.

Important information regarding the emergency telephone numbers and contact addresses of all hospitals, police stations and country specific embassies are also included in these guides.




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