Tourist Potential Of My Country India Tourism Essay


INDIA is a multi-destination country with a varity of tourist attraction and facilities, In winter tourists started trickling in India like the wintering birds .I know about a truth that few years ago in Mumbai a tourist walking cannot found a decent toilet . but tourist like to come here because India has lot of everything like history, culture, cuisine, and sight and yet runs an efficient machine that makes the tourists want to come back.that is so with most foreign destinations,except perhaps India . most countries like Switzerland and Egypt for instance are dependent on the foreign exchange.tourist bring to sustain their appreciatively give them value for money and nice experience.

In my country from the tourist point of view unless one pays through the hat for a expensive taxi and have a reliable guide. Entry tickets at places of interest are duel priced, the foreigner payed more in their countries than India.Different Indian experience-according to me, with India, it is quite a different experience so tourists n found here whatever they expect.

Forever,sunrise and yet I talk of tourism being the sunrise sector and it has being so forever without much being done which can be a paradigm shift from what is the tourists are surely keen on savouring the other India, as manifest by the more macabre tourist trips to mumbai’s Dharavi to see the poverty there but there are a lot more who would just like to savour the Indian life, however that area is totally unexplored much to the detriment of the country.If I talk about engineering site of view that there are lot of oppurnities , tourism infrastructure has no carrying capacity, be it train seats hotel rooms.

If I talk about rank that India has a very good rank for tourism point of view because when it comes to outbound tourism came here there should be a systematic segmentation with a reference to geography, since each region in India has its peculiar social, demographic and economic characteristic which in turn influence travel consumption patterns and preference.

India’s medical tourism Industry is very good. It growing by around 30% each year.according to me India’s tourism has great potential but it is being held back artificially though several policies and programmes have been famed for the development of tourism their implementation is not satisfact

Tourism is a booming sector and countries like India, which incidentally offers a wide range of tourist destinations, benefit much from it. It is also a major driver in various other sectors. The hotel industry particularly, expects a major part of their income from tourists.

At the same time, tourists usually incorporate accommodation plans to their check list before starting a tour. So, it is pretty straight forward what tourists can expect from a good hotel. For instance, aside from providing a regular accommodation, good hotels provide guided tour to the local tourist place, rental vehicles at the disposal of the tourist, and so on.

In India, many tourist destinations centre around temples and ashrams. The most sought after hotels are, therefore, those which are situated in the vicinity. Destinations such as the Jain Temples are an attraction to all devotees following Jainism religion. Many of these devotees prefer to stay for long periods. Thus, cheap hotels which provide basic accommodation and food are common in those places. As a matter of fact, pilgrimages in India are the most popular tourist places and attract a diverse crowd of tourists. Some are pure devotees, whereas others prefer to tread the surrounding places taking their time, still others follow a rather tight schedule while visiting all the famous sites. Hotels provide facilities to all those kinds of tourists.

Apart from pilgrimages, India hosts a variety of exotic locations. Hotels around these tend to be more luxurious than those near the pligrim centres. Sometimes, the hotels provide a kind of packaged tour around the place to attract tourists. This usually encompasses day trips and safaris. More lavish hotels invite tourists to sumptuous parties organised by the hotel at their premises. All the while, the tourists are familiarized with the local culture and cuisine.

Although, the heart of a city is not the domain of a tourist hotel, tourists are able to find some very good hotels here. These hotels act as a gateway for foreign tourists and therefore, these are the most luxurious hotels of all. From spas and swimming pools to expensive and showy restaurants, they provide every luxury that a hotel can offer. These hotels also does the job of recommending tourist destinations and arranging all the tickets for travel. Other times, hotels are made the hotspot for various kinds of organized events. Many of them are intended for the entertainment of tourists and provide a platform for local talents.

Internal and external sources to improvement of tourism potential of India

Economy- Tourism industry is making tremendous contribution to globle economy. This substantial growth of the tourism makes it one of the most remarkable economic and social phenomena of country.

Demand for tourism depends on the ecomomic condition of a country and now economy of India is a very strong when economy grow ,levels of disposable income will rise and relatively a large part of discretionary income will be spent on tourism.

And internal sources are that India has rich culture and heritage. India’s culture heritage and eco tourism potential are the major consumer preferences of the tourists visiting India.its diversity attract tourist both foreigners as well as its own citizens to explore scenic beauty that it has to offer the world.

There is no other country in the world which offers such wide choice of destination like India.the internal factor also that include his history tourist, adventure tourism, spiritual tourism, beach tourism. According to europe’s leading travel mazagine ” Conde Nast Traveller” India has been ninth rank in longest coastline.

Internet-There are larg e number of people who decide their travel plan by searching online .

Improvement of current situation of tourism potential of India

The current situation of tourism potential of India is heavily promoting tourism focusing primarily on its resources strengths and innovative plans by government.

It can be improve by internet because tourism can control their viewing experience within the limitations of available information.

They can view such as train timetable ,hotel and souvenir information such as maps etc.yhey can provide contact email addresses in the website to allow them to make enquiries about product and services by providing contact email.they can making online payments with credit cards.

Webpage design- visitors often find tourist websites via search engines.

Ease of use: It is an important component in website design and an effective way to attract online customers. The users in India especially south India are not so internet savvy it should be easy tonavigate and get the information they are searching for.

Technical Quality: It directly influences the performance by not only retaining the characteristics oftraditional tools but also taking full advantage of the mediums unique characteristics.






5 GUDIES for tourist attraction.

6 benefits

Range of communication method that lsbm uses to communicate with students:

Lsbm used many of methods for communicate with students these are-

Internal method -e -mail, mails, memos, face to face,report,notice,team briefing.

External method-letters,telephone,mail,advertising,meeting,business to business,fax,websites,internet ICT(which is known as information communication technology. These are explained below….

lsbm College may communicate with students via several methods, including Mail, phone, fax, or e-mail etc. It is important to inform the college whenever a change is made to the student’s contact information.An official e-mail address is issued to each student at the time. This official e-mail address takes the form of a person’s first initial and last name, followed by

Students are responsible for activating their e-mail account; this may be accomplished on the Web site at Students must check e-mail regularly in order to read important messages and notifications.Certain communications may be time-sensitive. Failure to read official communications sent to the students’ official e-mail addresses does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of those communications.

Suitability and effectiveness communication

If we talk or worked face to face it gave behaviour to a greater extant than via audio.these are some effective methods that is, if I spent long time on the phone may be I can’t understand location of that person or may be I made fool by other person.

There are many of suitability because if a student communicate with someone , its increase the students’s suitability for online psychotheropy. The students increased their knowledge by contact with LSBM by text,phone,e mail and instant message etc.

Students increased their communication with LSBM by following methods

Students increased their Communication with the principles and practices of small group and team communication theory and research in a variety of group settings.

Course readings, assignments, labs, and online research projects are designed to enhance your overall competency in small group and team communication.   Students will also participate in a final service-learning project involving local community nonprofit organizations.

This course is designed to help students increase their small group communication effectiveness in the following areas:

Interpersonal group/team skills

Problem-solving techniques in groups and teams

Strategies for conflict management in groups and team.

Why these methods improved communication


Because if students must have a range of skills to express themselves not only through paper and pencil but also have audio,video, animation,design software as well as a host of new environments(e mail,websites,message boards etc)if a student focus on these points I think they Learn more and more about communication.STUDENT should improve their manners, lifestyle,communcate with teacher and other many thing.

Business vocabulary

My strength is the sense of responsibility, understanding, punctuality and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines. I am a very trustworthy person with an ability to work as a team player or as an individual which helps me to survive under different kind of environments.

The Ability to merge into the people and be a part of them is one key trait that any successful person might have, and this ability makes me unique that people find me trustworthy as a person with who they can share their sorrows, happiness take advice. So I consider this as my biggest strength that I can merge into any group of people belonging to any race or any part of the world.

My weaknees someone disregards my sincere efforts, or accuse me of being guilty of a mistake which I never did, this does results in a mental stress which ultimately effects my performance. This is what I think is my strength and weakness.

Spoken communication

I believe that one of my personal strength in spoken communication is that I can talk to just about anyone. I enjoy talking with people.GRAMMAR My strength would be that I have the ability to WRI TE with out any grammatical mistakeas well as to listen. enjoy having conversation with people of different cultures because it gives me as chance to learn more about their lifestyle.

large group of people than I become very nervous and will some times forget what I wanted to say.2nd is when I have to speak in front of the class or in front of a very large group of people I become nervous.

Non-verbal communication

My strength for verbal communication is to be able to project my voice to audience.2nd strength is having good eye contact with all peers in the room.

My weakness is be very nervous to present in front of my peers.2nd is to take breaths in between prentation and have head and leg movements while presenting.

Prentation skills

My strength is ability to prioritize,planning skills,well organized, multitasking and assuming responsibilities and dutie.possessing the capacity to cope with failures and trying to learn from past mistakes.

My weakness is taking things to heart and getting too disappointed when things are done in the wrong way.

Listening skills

My strength is that I listen 95% of the time of the topic.i listen any topic with confidence and determination and with will power.

My weakness is that I tend to lose these skills If I am very tired.2nd is that I am a bit impatience and sensitiveness.


My strength is my vocabulary and the sense of responsibility, punctuality and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.

My weakness is my sentence structure.2nd is I have not done practice so much in grammar. I would be not correct use of English grammer and syntax.

Methods of improvement of these areas

There are so many areas to study grammar: tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, etc. we need to select one or two grammatical structures to start.

Test grammar through the Oxford Grammar Test. Ask a CILL teacher for a copy of the read ielts books.

Ask the CILL teacher if i cannot analyse the test by. Having identified a difficult area of grammar select one of the materials listed on the back page. Firstly, read and understand the rules for the grammatical structure. Make a brief note of the rules in my diary.


I can improve communication area by improve cross-cultural affective development.2nd by foreign language proficiency a threshold- level facility in the spoken and non-spoken.

Listening presentation will be improve by hyposis CD, produced by Sharon Shinwell.i can improve communication and skills as well as improve listening

Skills through improved business presentation and conversation skills.


STUDENT should give 15 to 20 mintues to improve their skill in these areas per day I think its benificial for student to learn different things.time scale is very important to improve their self.


TO read books.

Listen english DVD’s

TO increase their capability towards understanding.






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