Tourist Motivations Are Important Factors Tourism Essay


Tourist motivations are important factors in understanding tourist behaviour in relation to destination choice and motivation relates to the needs, goals and preference of the tourists. In many tourism motivations are recognized as starting point in order to understand tourist behaviours (Crompton, 1979). Motivations have also been seen as a tool to segment tourism market. According to Backman (1995) motivations are associated with individual basic needs for participating, for instance in activities. Today, motivation tourism is the popular topic in research. The most one popular typology of tourist motivation is Crompton’s (1979) push and pull model which emphasizes that tourist’s choice of a travel destination is influenced by two forces. Push factors that push individuals from home, and pull factors that pull individuals toward a destination. In other words, people are traveling because they are pushed by their internal motives and pulled by external forces of a travel destination (Lam and Hsu, 2006). It has been stated that most push factors derive from individual’s intangible or intrinsic desires, such as desire for escape, adventure seeking, dream fulfilment, novelty seeking, rest and relaxation, health and fitness, prestige, and socialization (Chon, 1989).

The Plearn Wan (Hua Hin) is the first Eco Vintage Village in Thailand. The Plearn Wan village has been established on about three rai site at Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin between soi Hua Hin 38 and 40 opposite Klai Kangwon Palace of King Rama VII. The Eco Vintage Village recaptures the old elegance and classic charm of the old in Hua Hin. Plearn Wan is on an open lawn area with a two-storey wooden building around the village. It reminds a live museum and the vintage settings is based on the villages of previous generations. Plearn Wan aims to be a center for people to learn and experience Hua Hin’s of the past. Plearn Wan’s village is environmentally friendly and use recycled paper wrap and containers. The most of all employees live in the adjacent community. Plear nWan provides an elevator for the elderly and a slope for people with disabilities in response to the concept of free space for everyone. At Plearn Wan village there is restaurant, coffee shop, clothes shop, candy shop and liquor shop from the past. There is plenty of opportunity to take nice photos and buy souvenirs. At weekends there is an open air cinema. On a busy weekend Plearn Wan village is visited several thousands of people. This has become one of the main Hua Hin’s attractions. The entrance to Plearn Wan village is free of charge. The most of tourists go to visit in the village because they need to think about the part when they was young.

This research focuses on the tourist motivation and activities related to the destinations in Plearn Wan in Hua Hin. Based on the reasons that why the tourists interested in Plearn Wan, Hua Hin more than that they go to aboard or shopping in the luxury department stores. Plearn Wan is a new destination attraction in Hua Hin, the tourists can enjoy on behalf of the center of happiness place where times stopped in the past. Moreover the design of village shops made from wood, that can make tourist feel in the 2499 again. Plearn Wan Village, in order to retain to the tourists motivation and developing for interesting place.

Clear title of project : Tourist Motivation and Attraction : A case study of the Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village in Hua Hin.

Concise statement of research problem : The concept of Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village is the old style, also the materials and equipment for the built and construction not enough because it hard to find the same things in order. Such as furniture, vase, plate, bowl, lamp and many things to decorate in the village. From this reason, Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village has develop and create new things successively to the tourist attraction.

Project objective : The objective from this research are:

  • To analyze the roles of motivation in tourist’s decision making to visit Plearn Wan.
  • To measure the tourists that satisfy and need to revisit in Plearn Wan.

Conceptual Framework :

Tourists’ Characteristics

– Gender

– Age

– Nationality

– Occupation

Tourist Expectation

Eco Vintage Village in Thailand

Tourists’ satisfaction/dissatisfaction

Result Analysis

Strategy to Develop Tourists’ Motivation

And Further Research

The scope and definition of the study :

This research will occur in Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, Hua Hin. The questionnaire provided by information counter in front the village. Also the staff or student will give it to the tourists when they free. This research focused on tourist motivation in this place and satisfaction to shops inside and need to revisit in this village next times.

Tourist : a person who visit in Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, Hua Hin.

Assumptions : all of tourist that go to visit in Plearn Wan Village. Tourist are majority in this village. The satisfaction and need to revisit in this place again.

Limitations : time frame is one of the limitation for this research, it is a short period of time to collect data for the research. The questionnaire will translated to 2 languages, Thai and English only because it’s international language. In questions, which result to the tourist motivation include the satisfaction or disatisfaction in this place.

Background : Plearn Wan is the first Eco Vintage Village in Thailand. It has been established under the business ideology. The site about three rai located on Phetkasem road, Hua Hin, Prachuap Kiri Khun Province. Plearn Wan was actually created under the concept of live museum and perceived in visitor’s a real community or place allowing people to spend the good times together. This village designed in an open lawn area with a two storey wooden building around a green grass median and have its vintage setting and decorations closed to the villages of previous generation.

Literature review :

Tourist motivation is the major factor to success in tourism industries. “Push and pull” theory has already become the effective method to study tourist motivation (Dann ,1977). For a long time, the academic circles pay much attention to the “Push and Pull” force factors of travel destination. The tourist motivation and activities is important for destinations to understand leisure tourist destination choice (Moscardo,1996). Motivation has been referred to as psychological, biological, social needs and wants, including internal (or emotional) and external forces (Chon, 1989). The successful of destination depend on the motivation and attraction in the place. Also it can increased tourist come to travel and visit it effected to market share stronger economic (Lewis,1993).

The concept of motivation and attraction result the fact that tourists’ satisfaction at destination. Destination marketing is the possibilities of arranging more tourism activities. The regional cooperation needs to be further coordinated and more marketing efforts and investment is required. For Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, it would be better to emphasize the variety of village offers rather than the different style, since motives vary more between different types of village than between different regions. Tourists are persons seeking satisfying leisure experiences on trip away from home. This means a search for nuclear elements of attractions that individuals can experience in person. The tourists’ psychology reveal that they are motivated by a wide range of needs. These might included the need for rest, relaxation, novelty, education, regression, or prestige. Today, Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village is a new beautiful place that motivate tourist visitor (Berger, Arthur, 1993).

Destination development becomes an important issue in tourism studies. Understanding tourism motivation and activities will help destinations improve their products and services. Not only enhance the quality of products, more importantly is to be aware of the exact needs of target tourists and where the main tourist markets area. The principal motivation for a business or region to serve tourist are generally economic. An individual business is interested primarily in its own revenues and costs, while a community or region in concerned with tourism’s overall contribution to the economy, as well as its social and environmental impact. A good understanding of tourism’s economic impacts is therefore important for tourism industry, government officials and community

Nowadays, in the are of motivation and attraction to destination become to many research. Only few studies concentrate on examining the motivations and profiles of health and wellbeing tourists. Some studies have focused on different sub-sectors, such as spa tourists, yoga tourists or spiritual tourists (Lehto, 2006). For Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village focused on the old live style building that can make the tourists feel like they was young because in village decorated shop and sell the products from the past. Also tourist never see in this day before but they can find and by it to collect in this place. Moreover, tourism’s economic impacts are therefore and important consideration in state, regional and community planning and economic development. Economic impacts are also important factors in marketing and management decision. Communities therefore need to understand the relative importance of tourism to their region, including tourism’s contribution to economic activity in the area. The uncertain market for tourism in Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village means that visitor attraction must work hard to understand what the tourists wanted and then improving and developing to the best attraction and motivated the tourist need to visit. The motivations are connected to individuals’ basic needs for participating diverse activities, developing preferences, and expecting satisfaction. The motivations of wellbeing and wellness activities, purchasing wellbeing and wellness products and services or participating in wellbeing holiday are also connected to customers’ needs and interests (Backman , 1995). Plearn Wan has been set the method to improve to be better and interesting to tourists destination choice for travel and relax on the weekend.

The quality of the environment, both natural and man-made are essential to tourism. However, tourism’s relationship with the environment is complex. It involves many activities that can have adverse environmental effects. Many of these impacts are linked with the construction of general infrastructure such as roads and airports, and of tourism facilities, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, golf courses and marinas. The negative impacts of tourism development can gradually destroy the environmental resources on which it depends. On the other hand, tourism has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation. It is a way to raise awareness of environmental values and it can serve as a tool to finance protection of natural areas and increase their economic importance.

Environment nearby a tourism destination interrelate with tourism action happening in the Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village. A change in whichever environment can change the pattern of tourism. As follow :

Political : There are several concerns to consider that affecting in tourism the other state political people are making the small thing to a large extent and they are making the public in to troubles these impacts have a serious impact on the travel and tourism industry, leading to increased business failures demise of certain destinations.

Climate : is obviously important for tourism, many tourists find it to have a high change of sunny and warm weather at their holiday destination, in order to relax by swimming, sun bathing and sight seeing in foreign place. For the global tourism industry, climate change bring more risks than opportunities. There will be regional and seasonal shifts in tourist flows resulting in both winners. However, it is undoubted that the tourism will continue to be a growth sector and despite the challenge of climate change. In Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village is friendly with environment because it building around green grass median and designed buildings by wood.

The effective manager must not only have very good knowledge of the region where they are personally based, but the should also from their own are which are linked to it insignificant itineraries. Managers become more competent, tourism boards more effective on their expenditure, marketer target and researchers deliver and insightful analysis. Further analysis is required to understand the tourism system of certain type of tourism. Also A Whole Tourism System is useful in analyzing in tourism industry to successful in each destination (Leiper, 1995).

Data required :

The data required for this research are the tourist satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the destination. This research based on the tourist motivation and attraction in the destination choice. Theory related on Push and pull factor in order and analyze the data. Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, Hua Hin internal data, such as background information and activities in the village, are necessary for better educating and understanding.

Data source :

The data source in this research divided by two parts, the first data is which collect from the tourist directly and the secondary collect from shop owner in Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, and from the literature review, such as theories, book, and journal.

Data collection technique :

Researcher will random simple the method for selecting the sample that present the population. Questionnaire will be used as instrument to collect the data from Plearn Wan Village tourists’ who

Visit in this place. Questionnaire is one of the most commonly use for data collection in research (Veal,2005). The reasons for using questionnaire are that it has less disturb to tourist or visitor than other method, as well as, it is the quickest way to collect the data with in the time limitation of this research. In this research, the questionnaire will be translated to 2 languages, Thai and English only because in this destination is new attraction in Hua Hin that is not know well in foreigner. The questionnaire will be given to tourists and visitors checking at the front of village and ask the question when they free or checking out. Moreover the use of the Internet has also become a valuable tool to collect, capture, and share information from different sources. Internet provides many capabilities, including the capability to transfer data files electronically. Large amounts of data can be transferred from one location to another in a matter of seconds. This capability can improve the timeliness of obtaining information necessary to support organizational performance measurement analyses. Many books and manuals are available that provide information on use of internet.

Data analysis :

In this research, data will be analyzed using descriptive-Inferential statistic and SPSS computer system(Statistic Package for the Social Science).

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