Tourist Beach Resort For Extreme Sports Tourism Essay


Architecture now days have become very utility oriented due to constraints of the current times. Practicing and producing ‘functional architecture’ is not at all wrong but the word ‘function’ itself is very involuntary. Just like machines which are proficient to do and achieve tasks for which they are programmed for but those performed tasks are impassive. One cannot develop any sense of belonging to a space or architecture unless there is something more than function involved into it which provokes the human senses and is capable of fluctuating human emotions and feelings. This thesis is conscious attempts to create functional architecture while keeping in mind the human emotions and sensory intensification. The basic objective is to create spaces which are not categorized by its volume and magnitude rather they should be acknowledged by their spatial experience. These types of experiences are critical particularly for such kind of building program involving leisure of tourism and extremity of action sports. Incorporating human sensorial characteristic will not only augment the user experience but it will also increase the architectural character of spaces.


Man is a social animal. This is a cliché but explains most of the social requirements and demands of human race. Socializing is not just about human interaction with each other but it is also about how a person interacts with and relates to his or her environment. For most of the people an environments starts to become suffocating if they happen to experience the same thing over and over again. Man needs change. It may not be a unvarying or permanent change but the human psychology demands change for some time at least.

This type of design project and building typology is most suitable to explore the impacts of architecture on human emotions and moods and then apply it on spaces and over all architecture. As a tourist resort is a kind of a place where people actually come to relax, rehabilitate their energy, enjoy and experience something ‘different’. On the other hand extreme games also involve a lot of human emotions like anger, anxiety, fear etc. So for application of the respective research, in my opinion, this building typology is one of the most suitable.

Man has managed to come up with many ways to cater to his needs of changing and environment. He called it ‘recreation’ and ‘leisure’.

There are two types of leisure:

Passive leisure (minimal physical involvement)

Active leisure ( optimal physical involvement)

Both type of leisure facilities will be a part of program.

The facility will incorporate the following:

Water sports

Extreme games

Beach resort


1.1-Architecture and psychology:

In day to day life we experience different type of situation causing different types of mood swings in us. These experiences come as a surprise to us most of the time. When we get out of our routine and go to an exhilarating activity like some excursion or some stimulating sports we tend to pre determine our moods. We ‘try’ to be happy and feel happy along with many other positive emotions like thrill, excitement, positive anxiety etc. This can be translated into architecture by incorporating an over lapping field of neurology and studying impact of architecture on human beings.

In my understanding architecture and building can be perceived in two ways:

Interactive architecture. Interactive architecture is very much program dependant. The practical aspects of the buildings are fulfilled and user’s movement and functions are catered then it’s an interactive building. At the most five human senses are considered while designing.

Active architecture Every form, space, color, space quality has certain impact on human brain when it interacts with 5 senses.-this is where interactive architecture ends. So we can say every space , form, color has an action on a user . A person reacts to it and hence “EXPERIENCES THE TRUE SPIRIT OF THE SPACE”.

1.2-Objectives and aims:

To enhance architectural experience through sensory fluctuations (Anxiety, Calmness etc) in user using spaces, space formation, colors, textures, heights and other architectural elements.

To translate the dynamics of extreme sports in the building form.

To provide a platform to people to enjoy and experience such activities for the first time in Pakistan.

1.3-Need Of the project:

Help in catering and improving the tourism infrastructure of the country.

Studies show that if such spaces and activities are not provided to the youngsters they can indulge themselves in negative activities.(explained further in the next heading)

Required in the urban fabric infrastructure of the second only city of Pakistan which is being master planned and this type of activity place has already been marked by the development authorities.

Why do people play extreme sports?

To get the answer to this question two qualified psychiatrists from CMH were interviewed namely D.Sana Naimat and Dr.Imtiaz Mubasshir.According to them people who are bored of life usually need a kick though everybody has a different genetic structure. They tend to have a reckless behavior if they require a change and they don’t get it. Endorphins (hormones which actually makes a person feel good about his own self) are released at a certain heart rate after a person gets a ‘kick’ according to his or her own genetic structure but usually the kick is in the form of an extreme behavior ,be it ecstasy, suicidal behavior or extreme sports.

People tend to deal stress in different patterns usually by changing their environment. Sometimes these patterns are adaptive and sometimes these are maladaptive.

So it can be concluded that extreme activities’ on the whole are a part of human nature and many human beings have the urge to do it in order to act ‘normal’ and stay ‘calm’ in daily life.

Clients brief:

For this project the client is The Ministry of Sports and Culture , Government of Pakistan along with a multinational company. At present ‘Red bull’ in collaboration with Yamaha and Caterpillar showed interest in the project and presented a feasibility report to ‘TIE’.

Project Supervision:

This project is to be executed in the 3rd phase development of Gwadar which will take place around year 2030. Currently the first phase is almost complete in which the road and other infrastructure of the city is laid out. In 2nd phase utility oriented facilities are to be planned and constructed and in 3rd phase recreation and large scale institutional projects are to be developed and constructed. The client is Ministry of Sports and Culture and it wishes to create a platform for action sports in Pakistan where main and major extreme sports can be played and experienced on one platform under one roof. The project would be under the supervision of GDA(Gwadar development authority).

The client wants to execute this project in Gwadar because multinational companies find the projects adequate for the city because of its thriving and hopeful future prospects.


The target user for this project is the youth and tourist of the country who enjoys scenic views, nature, and adventure, and likes to deal with challenging situations.

Social Objectives:

The intent of this project is not only to promote this new form of sports but also to promote and facilitate the tourism of the country. Gwadar has deep sea port and when it will be properly and fully functional it will eventually attract tourist from all over the world and this type of project fits and compliments the urban fabric of the city. It will also become a social spot for the city and the locality.

The site falls in the tourism zone (according to the master plan of Gwadar) of the city and this area will become a focal point of tourism and recreational attraction not only for the citizens of Gwadar but also for people coming from other areas and countries.

The main aim is to summon the youth under a roof to experience thrilling sporting activities in safe and monitored environment under proper supervision. By providing safe environment accidents can be avoided which happen because of the reckless behavior of youngsters seeking thrill on roads. Different level zones are provided for amateurs and professioals so that every adult and child can enjoy the facility according to his or her potential. The thrill seekers will not have travel to different places to enjoy the thrills of rock climbing on mountains or to the sea shores to enjoy water sports, people no more need to go to urban centers to enjoy the street sports like skate boarding and bmx stunts. This facility has it all under one emblem.

Other than generating tourism and sports activities it will also help in strengthening local economy. These sporting events bring all sorts of people together and hence it helps developing some cultural trends and it also helps in promoting a country’s image in this age where world is now a global village.

Site Location:

Site is location on the Shore of Gwadar Sea in the tourism development zone. Site is towards the west of Koh-e-Batil and on the south of Pishukan road which leads towards the pishukan town towards padi zar.


In the current scenario the trend in the world and specifically in Pakistan is to develop lavish real estates. A project like this are part of overall development and compliments the current trends of real estate development. In the pursuit of profitable development, leisure and entertainment has to be catered for. There is a high need of development of places for healthy communal activities for the public, specifically the youth of Pakistan to bring out their full potential.

Scope of work:

Developing a master plan.

Experimenting with different type of spaces in order to facilitate different emotional and sensory experiences of a person.

Other than the feasibility of the project according to the social context, this project is also a live project and is a part of the master plan of Gwadar developed under the supervision of GDA (Gwadar development authority) .

Gawadr , A broader perspective

Gawadar is said to be the next mega polis of Asia .Its warm waters and other potentials are reason for its hardcore progress. Gwadar is spread over an area of aprox.1.52 million hectares or 15,216 square kilometers.

Gwadar is surrounded on the north by Kech and Awaran districts, on the east by Awaran and Lasbela districts, on the south by the Arabian Sea, and on the west by Iran. Geographical position of Gwadar has major standing in the global trade routes. Sea routes leading to Gulf estates and eastern hemisphere of the world passes along Gwadar.

Gwadar has all the distinct elements required for this project. It has a very massive water front which is a fatal requirement of this project. It also has scenic views all around it which can be very nicely incorporated into a tourist resort.

8.3-Land Use, Master Plan Phase-I GDA

Description Land Allocation

Land for Residential Projects 90,500 Acres(Extendable)

Land for Commercial Projects 2100 Acres (Extendable)

Land for Recreational Projects 13,500 Acres(Extendable)

Land for Industrial, desalination plants, Airport, Railway Linkages, and Urban facilities.45,000Acres(Extendable)

*Source: GDA

As it can be seen in the master plan that the area selected for the project is near to the area allocated for tourism development. It is an advantage which will be fruitful for the facility.

In their report about Gadar SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority) states:

“District Gwadar as a coastal area has rich marine life and present viable opportunity for ecotourism. The district has untouched clear beaches which can be an attractive place for tourism. Kund Malir, Daraan, Asthola Island, beaches of Jewani, Guns and Ormara are some of the most beautiful tourist beaches.

Asthola Island is located at a distance of 150 kilometer from Gwadar tehsil. It is an

internationally recognized wetland and has numerous species of aquatic creatures.

Hingol National Park is the largest natural forest of Asia, coastal highway run for 55 kilometers in the scenic mountains of this natural forest. Hingol National Park is also one beautiful tourist sight Wild life creatures like tigers, Ibex, goats and monkeys are found in this sight.

At present, 6 hotels and resorts are operating in Gwadar, a major break through in hotel and tourism industry is the construction of a 5 start Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel at Koh-e- Batill, opposite to Singhar Housing Scheme in Gwadar.

Potential exists for development of tourist resort and motels, seafood restaurants, country parks and beach sports recreation facilities. Ecotourism sector can be developed to its potential in Gwadar district as the number of tourist from Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore has remarkably increased due to the construction of coastal highway.

There exist a very good opportunity for setting up country parks and other recreational facilities at Gwadar, there is great gap of amusement facilities in Gwadar, and the population requires recreational facilities, easy to mobilize large number of visitors to the facility and spending capability of people of the area.”

8.4-Road Network:

The creation of the Gwadar deep-sea port is now one part of a larger growth plan which includes construction of a system of road and rail network linking Gwadar with the rest of Pakistan, like the 650 km Coastal Highway to Karachi and the Gwadar-Turbat road (188 km). This system of roads links with China via the Indus Highway.

8.5-Development Projects Oman

Oman has proposed $100 million support for the growth of community and infrastructure amenities in Balochistan. From that $100 million, Oman has given $7 million for the runway at Gwadar Airport, building of jetties, constructionof Gwadar Hospital, stipulation of 100 engines to fishermen and for building a power house. Oman is also sponsoring infrastructure of Gwadar-Hoshab Road.

8.6-Air Port:

Gwadar has a huge airport for commercial airlines. There is a need for the extension of the airport and improvement of its landing strip to accommodate the landing of larger commercial aircrafts.

8.8-Strategic Importance of Gwadar:





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