Tourism Planning And Sustainable Tourism Tourism Essay


Singapore has always been an innovative country. Ever since the tourist boom, and the change of policy by the government to ease the policy by letting foreigners into Singapore and having the decision to be converted into PR (Permanent Resident). In the year 2009, the Integrated Resort (IR) was made where there are 2010 hotel rooms and a casino made. Since the World Wide Web or the Internet was created, the world has been experiencing quick pace changes on the tourism sector. Tourist also can be affected by the Internet, either positively or negatively. But positively, is always

For a long time that the diffusion of the technologies that is in the tourism improved travel service supply in efficiency, quality and flexibility. Based on a concept of a tourism system, the world is experiencing quick pace changes because the tourism has become a major economic sector and the Internet is one of the most influential technologies that will change travellers’ behaviours and habits. The Internet are able to help online travellers to receive the updated time and unlimited travel information before travelling abroad they also can choose their final destination. Therefore, information through destination website plays an important role in influencing decision-making and increasing actual arrivals. In the way of the technological trend and the development, National Tourism Organisations monitor their online travel informations and continuously make sure that it meets the needs of consumers and develop online service to meet consumer’s satisfaction and experience.

Singapore hosted one round of the 2008 FIA Formula One, The World Championship. The race, held on a new street circuit at Marina Bay, was the very first night-time event for Formula One history. The event was considered a success due to the sheer amount of organisation, planning and cooperation put in the event. Also in 2010, Singapore hosted the inaugural YOG (Youth Olympic Games) then the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), who says the Games, is expected to have a minimum of 180,000 visitors per nights for Singapore.

The negative impacts are such as needed of more manpower to tighten the security to prevent increasing of crime rate. As many tourist who visit Singapore, there is an increase of tourist who are being targeted for robbery and theft. Law re-enforcement is needed to ensure safety for either the citizen or the tourist. Traffic congestion is another major problem due to increase of tourist and taxi is there only means of transportation. Currently there is an estimated of 20,000 taxi(sgforum 17 Oct) which flood most of the road in Singapore within 660sq kilometre. In order to cater to more taxi, Certificate of Entitlement (COE) has increased, preventing the local to unable to afford the car. Increase of tourism does affect the region’s and natural environment, such as beaches, water supply, heritage sites and the natural reserve. It affects the environment due to over usage and air pollution through traffic emission.


Singapore, one of the most fast moving countries in Southeast Asia at the same time perhaps the most prosper country in the world and the safest place to be at. Each day transaction could reach up to billions of dollar flowing in and out of Singapore, creating many business opportunity and jobs for the local. With the fast growing economic, Singapore attracts 19 million (Singapore tourism board 17 cot) of tourist flying into this region for work or holiday in 2011. Tourism industry is one of the most important sectors in boosting the economy of Singapore. With the increasing number of tourist each year, more hotels are building and upgraded to accommodate to the needs. In order to cater to the tourism sectors, the board of tourism has created much sight for tourist to visit. Tourist attraction such as the Singapore Zoological Garden and Singapore Night Safari located at Mandai, Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Garden By the Bay.


As the economy of Singapore is growing and more tourist visiting each year, there will definitely cause positive and negative impact affecting the general economy. The positive impact would be creating jobs to the tourism sector. In order to cater to the amount of tourist visiting Singapore, more chamber maid is hired to improve the efficiency in cleaning the room. Not only the chamber maid has increased, more jobs related to the tourism sector have relatively in need of manpower to cater the huge amount of visitor every year. As more people are employed, more people are able to afford on goods and services


Even though Singapore has a strong currency, there are still many visitors visiting Singapore each year. Comparing with the European country, foreigners prefer coming to Singapore to spend because the currency exchange towards Singapore exchange rate is inferior to them. They would usually do their shopping because it is much way cheaper compared to Europe.


There is always a strong demand for goods due to the quality of product. In Singapore, products are differentiated from other country. Buyers are afraid of purchasing fake goods. The chances of buying a fake product in Singapore are very low as the immigration is very strict on imitation goods. Service provided is of higher quality compared too much other country. They would rather profit at customer satisfaction. Goods may be also being in demand as they are cheaper. Prices may vary due to many reasons like tax or shipping.


Even though the economics of travel and tourism manly emphasise on the benefit of tourism. There is much negative impact on the economy such as over-dependence on tourism. Many countries might be over-dependence on the tourism sector, these results in negligence on other sectors of income. Singapore has no natural resources to rely on and therefore they rely on largely tourism sector. Leakages of expenditure are due to spending on foreign based company. For example, Hilton hotel is a foreign based company and all the money earns are leakage to other country.

Positive Economic Impact

The are many positive economic impact on the tourism sector such as taxes collected from the visitors visiting Singapore. Those taxes collected manly used to fund the needy and the school, building proper roads and upgrading of facilities. As tourism increases, more jobs for locals at the Tourism sector and F&B sectors. As more jobs are created, locals would be able to spend more. As demanded, it would also lead to an increase in the import and export trade.


The country we have picked is Singapore, which is the little red dot on the South East Asia area below the Peninsula. We have been considered a well prosperous and flourished country to our achievement we have had due to the amount of tourist coming and some even decide to become a permanent resident here and not be called foreigner any more. For example, Singapore is famous for its inaugural Night Race for Formula One in 2008 and it is already in its fifth year. Every year after the night race is over, there is a group of event organiser that plans the night race for the next night race and it requires some skills and requirements. In addition, we have a few popular attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore (USS), Marina Bay Sands (MBS), the new Garden By The Bay and the up-coming Marine Life-Park which is going to be located at Resort World Sentosa (RWS) which is going to be world’s largest oceanarium and also the S.E.A. Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium. Not all these will happen without the people behind the scenes. In addition, with these people, planning, achievable goal is needed.

Tourism planning is oriented by goals, as there is a need to achieve specific objectives by using resources programmes with people’s needs and wants. Comprehensive planning requires a systematic approach. The planning objectives may be easy to set, but executing it will be tedious.

First step is to define goals and objectives. Second is identifying the tourism system. Third is generated and evaluate alternatives. Fourth is select and implement and last is monitor and evaluate. Follow these few steps and planning will be made easy. Definition of tourism planning is plans that are made to attract tourist from other countries to visit Singapore for all sort of forms of activities, either leisure, holiday, backpacking, recreation or even business.

The goals and objectives of planning an event in Singapore sounds simple but due to the constraint of space, most space will either be taken up for months or need to be booked a year before the event happens. Setting the objective to get a place for an event is important, as it is the beginning of the first step. Next, identify the tourism system. Meaning, the changes in places of visit and channels of distribution such as tour agents. The third steps are to generate and evaluate alternatives, for example, generating another plan or venue for the event to be organised. For events such as F1 in Singapore, having an alternative venue will be almost impossible because the preparation needed is massive. Once an alternative has been chosen, evaluate the decision with other organiser to know that the correct decision has been made. Next, select and implement meaning, put the things that has been planned into action. Everything the organisers have decided, will be executed, contacting event management let them know who to be contacted who what purpose. Example, TKH Lighting & Electrical Pte Ltd is to set up the lights and electrical works by a certain period. The last step is, monitor and evaluate. Monitor the progress of each department, whether they are doing things according to plan.

Sustainable tourism is the impact of tourist on the locals and environment. The aim is to ensure that positivity of the locals towards tourism companies and the tourist are kept up. Even though there have been some issues about employment here, some Singaporeans think that tourist can help to boost up on Singapore’s economy to sustain the tourism industry.. Singapore is a very vibrant country with its ever popular nightspots, dining restaurants, some extravagant shopping malls and the list goes on. However, Singapore is truly a paradise for tourist and even locals as the history attracts people Singapore. Here, we have Chinese, Malay and Indian culture and is very unique from the other South East Asia countries. The time to explore this little red dot has to offer, would take a lifetime.

Sustainable tourism is to attempt to make a low impact environment and local culture while it is to help generate future employment for the locals. In addition, the aim to sustain tourism is to develop positive experience for local people, tourist, foreigners and tourism companies.




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