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Below is a list of main topics from your Critical Thinking Assignments.


I need basically 3 things completed on this assignment.


1. Website Created

2. 1-2 Stratagies for the 7 listed items below.

3. 1-2 page reflection


Create a toolkit containing all the approaches, methods, strategies, and techniques you can implement to meet the needs of diverse learners, specific to your grade level and content areas. Consider this a tool that you can use, share with colleagues, and refer to when planning future lessons to ensure your continued use of effective instructional strategies for diverse learners.




To build this kit, you can use any online website creation tool you want (Google Sites, Weebly, Wix, wikis, etc.); however, you will want to make sure that it is compatible or can be linked from your school’s website (again, the point is to share what you learn and to be able to use it in a few clicks!). Bear in mind that you may have already developed a professional Website or wiki or some other source sharing site in another course in your MSTL program; feel free to use and build upon your existing site if you have one. This website needs to be public and the instructor needs to have easy access.




Items to include in your toolkit:




  1. Pre-Assessment: Embed a way or ways to pre-assess the prior knowledge and experiences your CLD students bring to the classroom (Modules 1-6 Critical Thinking Assignments).

  2. Scaffolding Approaches: Incorporate support structures for learners at the non-English speaking level (Modules 1-6 Critical Thinking Assignments) and at various stages of second language acquisition (Modules 3 and 4 Critical Thinking Assignments).

  3. CLD Instructional Approaches: Incorporate one of the dominant approaches to second language instruction discussed in Module 5 (Modules 5 and 6 Critical Thinking Assignments), as well as Integrated Content-Based Teaching Approaches that will support CLD students inyour class.

  4. Instructional Methods/Approaches for ANY student: Incorporate alternate instructional methods that will assist or differentiate for ANY student that needs it (e.g., students with disabilities, CLD student with a disability, students with gifts, general education students, etc.) (Modules 1-6 Critical Thinking Assignments).

  5. Learning Environment Impact: You should also include the impact the physical class setting will play in the lesson you are (re)designing (Modules 1 and 2 Critical Thinking Assignments).

  6. Additional Instructional Methods/Approaches for CLD Students: You may include alternate instructional methods such as the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol – SIOP or Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach – CALLA.

  7. Key Facets of a Platform for Best Practices with CLD Students: You may include the four facets of a platform (i.e., (1) language development and learning dynamics; (2) sociopolitical and sociocultural realities; (3) planning, implementation, and managing instruction; and, (4) professionalism, reflection, and evaluation of practice.

  8. References Page: added to the website and APA formatted




Your toolkit must include:









Approximately 250 words