This is public speaking and i need help writing the outline on one

For DB #5 we are going to work on aspects of the outline (though NOT using your own topic). The topic you will be working with is: World War II. For this DB, please first, narrow your topic (which aspects of this topic will you focus on?) Then you will fill out this information:

General Purpose:

Specific Purpose:

Research Question (remember, this is the question you will answer with the body of your speech and there is a powerpoint devoted to this as well):


1. What attention getting strategy could you use (just name one strategy):

2. How will you relay your credibility to your audience (remember, you must orally state your credibility):

3. What is your claim and a preview of the three main points you wish to discuss? (essentially, what is your thesis):

I do NOT expect you to do in-depth research on this topic. I simply want you to take some time to look at the outline and figure out how this information is to be filled in.This way, if your answers are way off base, I can alert you so that you are able to make changes for your outline for your own speech. For week 6, we will continue through the rest of the outline with the same topic. Please refer to powerpoint slides for assistance. You will find all information in the slides.

This is due Wed, June 15.


Approximately 250 words