The real thing. truth and power at the coca-cola company

The book that you will need to use is, “The Real Thing. Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company.” It was written by Constance L. Hays. Explain the purpose of planning and goals in organizations and the role of decision-making in this context; Explain the strategic management process (planning)and how it applies at the corporate, business unit, and functional levels in creating sustainable competitive advantage; and the role of decision-making. Develop assessment criteria based on course material. Your team should develop specific criteria or questions that you will answer about the organization as we cover each unit of material in class. These questions should address one or more important concepts from every chapter in the textbook. Research your organization. Research may include interviewing company officials, examining company documents, consulting contemporary news sources. In order to gather the information, you will want to use the World Wide Web, libraries and their databases, financial data, the organization’s Annual Report, and interviews with key management personnel (via phone, e-mail, or in person). You will gather more information than you can put in the presentation, so you will be expected to use only the best and most relevant data.


Approximately 250 words