The paper should be in two parts. part 5: leadership and corporate

I need an 8-10 pages in APA FORMA WITH CITATIONS AND REFERENCES, an Application Paper on the Corporation Ethics Scandal of Richard Whitney – 1938 who was the scion of a wealthy and socially elite family. His father was president of the North National Union Bank and his brother George Whitney, Jr., was a huge success at the Morgan Bank. Richard Whitney used these influential connections to the best advantage and he was named vice-president of the NYSE. After making losses, he began to borrow heavily. When the source of funds from relatives and friends dried up, he helped himself from the New York Stock Exchange Gratuity Fund. In addition to this, he also embezzled funds from other sources. His fraud was finally exposed by the comptroller for the NYSE and he was subsequently imprisoned.
The paper should be in two parts. Part 5: Leadership and Corporate Culture and Part 6: Conclusions. Below is the information that is needed. The paper should concise of 2 relevant, scholarly and current (within last 5 years), the material on the Facts of Case and Civil Trial information includes evidence of critical analysis using research, experience and factual evidence; evidence of complex problem solving shown; extends knowledge base past a simple book/article review; effectively organizes content to create smooth transitions that build to conclusions. Conclusions and recommendation should be logical and reasonable; combines research and analysis to form new insights
Part 5: Leadership and Corporate Culture– Questions to be addressed also below

Evaluate your subject as a leader. 
What were some of your subject’s successes?
Describe how the company’s culture may have contributed to the scandal. What was your subject’s role in shaping the company’s culture?
Using Schein’s definition of Organizational Culture, evaluate your subject organization.
Compare and contrast your subject organization against the cultural manifestations outlined in the PowerPoint.
Rate your subject organization on the 7 Dimensions of an Organization’s Culture as set forth in the PowerPoint using each of them as continuums.
What were some of the challenges your subject faced that may have influenced his/her behavior?
Do you consider your subject more of a leader or a manager? Justify your position.
Analyze your subject using the Trait and Style approaches to leadership.
Was your subject a transformational leader?

Part 6: Conclusions – Questions to be addressed also below

No analysis is complete without reaching conclusions with support for how those conclusions were reached.
Describe the company after the scandal. Use the same financial metrics you used to show how the company was performing before the scandal in a comparison and contrast.
In your opinion, was your subject’s behavior understandable given his/her responsibilities and position? Justify your position.
In your opinion, did your subject engage in common business behavior? Do you consider your subject a scapegoat? Justify your position.
What do you think the legacy of this case will be? Will it have an impact on business leaders’ behavior in the future? Explain.
In your opinion, is there something that could have been done to prevent this particular situation from occurring? (e.g. more government regulations and controls, corporate whistle-blowers, etc.). Be specific. 
What conclusions can be drawn from the corporate scandal in question?
What specific recommendations would you make to prevent similar occurrences?


Approximately 250 words