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Create: Annotated Bibliography

Evaluation Title: The Annotated Bibliography

By now you have established a topic, formulated research questions, crafted a thesis statement, and identified possible search terms and useful databases for your research. 

Now you will be putting all those parts of the process together as you create an annotated bibliography of sources related to your topic. An annotated bibliography provides a list of references in APA style along with a summary of key points in each article related to your focus on the topic.  Creating an annotated bibliography is excellent preparation for writing a research paper. Once a student has completed one, they have a much better understanding of the different ideas, viewpoints, and policies that are involved with their topic. This helps the student write the essay with authority and confidence. 

For the annotated bibliography:

· Locate 6 sources that are related to your topic, then create an APA reference for each one.

· Under each reference entry,  write a short annotation that summarizes the source, includes information regarding its credibility, and shares how it relates to your topic.  You will do this for all 6 sources. 

· Provide a title page in APA format.

Your assignment submission should be a Word document that fully adheres to the instructions listed above.  Your submission should conform to the 
APA Format Checklist.


Approximately 250 words