Talk about the main character from the story “the lady of the house


Talk about the main character from the story “The Lady of the House of Love.” Explain why the story illustrates the Humanities themes used in our class- “Mans relationship within society” Man meaning human not only men

Furthermore, approach your paper using “Vampires and other monsters” as a way to keep your paper focused

Your grade will depend on how well you can explore 1 Humanities theme and with 1 category in more depth. This is an exercise in arguing your point of view. Make sure to use 2 or more quotes in order to support your ideas. Citations can be done using (author, page #) and listing in a “Works cited” at the end of your paper.

Put your thesis and all of your main ideas in your first paragraph. It’s not a mystery novel, tell me what you intend to prove, quickly outline how you plan to do it, and then get out. Do. Not. Plagiarize. I’m not expecting groundbreaking work in this paper. I’m just trying to find out what your opinion is. It’s okay if your opinions are based on someone else’s ideas, just tell me that they are. So, cite every idea or sentence that is not your own. Otherwise, you will get an “F”.

Remember to talk about the work as it relates to understanding culture, not just giving a plot summary, or what happens in the story, without explaining why it’s relevant to understanding the work as a whole. Good luck!

Mans relationship to society in my stories case is a woman

Man meaning human just wanted to make that clear

And please make sure to use two or more quotes


Approximately 250 words