Strategic marketing plan | Marketing homework help

1)  Word count no limit but should not be less than 1000 words

2) References: Chicago format

2)  Search for Journal articles (2010 and above) Should not contain 2010 and below(refer to slide 13 for the references from those category)

3) Use “Strategic Marketing Group Assignment” Word doc to do point number 3 Market Analysis, Overall Market, Target Market Segmentation, Size & Growth Rate &  Unmet Needs of Target Market(include those highlighted) ( Those under the name Evon only)

4) Refer to “BUS350 – TMA 2019 UILG” printed Page 12 – 14 on the guide read carefully what is required  

5) Refer to the slides read carefully as well especially Slide 9 & 10 those word in red is a must to have

6) Follow the marking guide in “BUS350 – TMA 2019 UILG” and the slides 

7) Have clear referencing and clear in-text citation(not in number kind) 

8) There is a sample group assignment for you to reference

9) Take note of the language use 

10)  Urkund Score cannot exceed 10% 


Approximately 250 words