Statistics report: regression and hypothesis testing for the

I want you to write me a report about causality relationship, where you do a regression and hypothesis testing for the dependent and independent things that effects the wieght. examples to include are gender, salary, education level, age.  we must have three independent variables continues or categorical, and must include one dummy variable. then do hypotheses testing for each H0: B=0 where Y=a+Bx

***the format of the paper: (4 pages)
.why you are doing this research 
.why is it important
-literature review
.look at previous studies related to the topic what have done
.what variables are important
.two studies pick two variables
-how do you study
.the process of the study
-formulation of hypothesis
.null testing
.two or three hypothesis where you accept or reject
.mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum value
.how data is distributed
.from excel include a data analysis,descriptive statistic *summary statestic 
for each variable
.significant impact and results, what is behind the resualt how much impact.

I have attached my class notes and two samples that might give you an idea about the concept. if you could not find valid data cook the data, if you could not change it to another subject, create your own please send me the excel sheet for the data as well.
make sure that you read my class notes to know how we found the standard error where alpha equals 5%. i will attach the data that we worked on in the class as well, where we tested the performance of student with aplia test and then we runned a regression on it and the conclusion is scanned in the class notes. 
the sample size should be at least 50 where you test it on 50 people/survey/candidates. use Microsoft excel for the regression and send me the data that you used as well as evidence.


Approximately 250 words