Social science and research methods (literature review)

Research Question: Are Youth Mentoring Programs as well as Apprentice programs beneficial to the youth in Jefferson County, New York?  The many different programs as well as resources that are offered to the youth of Jefferson County such as apprentice and mentoring programs are quite beneficial to the youth of our community. The benefits of having such programs help today’s youth in many positive ways.  Programs such as apprenticeships, help to improve the unsteady graduation rate that plagues the High School in Watertown and the surrounding towns. Some great programs that are offered are a “Youth and Young Adult Employment Program” that offer work experience for 16-24-year old’s (“Services,” 2017). By having mentoring programs that are both profit as well as non-profit can have a positive impact on the youth. In ways such as it will decrease criminal activity, minimize drug and alcohol abuse, increase employment amongst the youth of our society.  The apprenticeship programs implemented in Jefferson county have increased the youth employment rate both during high school as well as after graduation.       By acting on the growing need for more concentrated youth intervention in the community it will ultimately benefit the local economic community as well. Programs such as “Big Brothers, Big Sisters makes matches with young vulnerable people with trained volunteers who mentor them and they are usually disadvantaged youth or troubled in some way (“Big Brother big Sisters,” 2017, p. 1). Meeting these specific needs can be met through youth apprenticeship programs as well as youth mentoring programs especially in and around disadvantaged communities. Poverty in Jefferson county can be seen and felt throughout the community. Apprentice programs are great for juveniles who have records it gives them the skills necessary to get into trade careers. A lot of these agencies or programs offer individuals with a criminal record a second chance. Students who have been previously convicted of criminal activity can use youth apprenticeship programs. I chose this specific issue because the youth is the future of our country. Sources: Credibility: Jefferson County, NY is a credible source as well as a secondary one that is credible. I will be using it because it covers a wide variety of areas for today’s youth. From, a wide variety of youth services, job seeker services. This source is credible because it is a county run organization that offers numerous resources as well as services to the community.  BMC Public Health, can be viewed as non-credible source for several reasons. It’s based on research as well as statistics from different many different resources. There is always room for human error and this particular site has great information but can be seen as non-credible. It is an independent run website. I will be utilizing this particular site as a secondary source. Labor New York is a credible source that is government run and I will be using it as a primary resource. It provides research from all over New York and I can compare as well as contrast from different cities and their youth mentoring as well as apprentice programs compared to Jefferson county. When conducting research, I tend to utilize government websites more often than ones that are privately established.  Lastly, Governor. NY is a government website as well for the great state of New York and will be used as a primary source. This website is credible and will help support my research in many ways. One way is the fact that the Governor of New York announced he was “releasing 2.6 million in funds to expand apprenticeships for at risk youth in New York state” (“Youth,” 2016, figure 1). Applicability:  Assessing both my primary and secondary sources they all will help support my research throughout my final. The sources for my research question “Are Youth Mentoring Programs as well as Apprentice programs beneficial to the youth in Jefferson County, New York?” provide multiple research based approaches to help the youth in Jefferson county. Each of the four sources, outlines the difference on how to approach and highlight the use of the programs such as the Boys and Girls Club.  I will use each source to support as well as show the negative and positive side of profit as well as non-profit organizations.


Approximately 250 words