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1. Amir Nader is a sales analyst for Sales Dart Services, a sales and marketing services company in Chicago, Illinois, that works with businesses in the consumer goods industry. Amir has been creating a report that analyzes sales and commissions in an Excel workbook, and has asked you to help him complete the report.

Go to the Report worksheet. Rename the Report worksheet to as Sales Report, which is a more accurate name.

2. Unfreeze the panes to scroll the worksheet without keeping the top and left panes displayed.

3. Middle Align the contents of the merged cell A2 to improve the appearance of the “Sales Report” subtitle.

4. In cell K2, insert a formula that uses the NOW function to display today’s date.

5. Fill the range C5:G9 with the formatting from the range B5:B9 to use a consistent number format for the sales data.


Approximately 250 words