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English 1302

Short Academic Response #4: Proposal

Due Sunday, November 19 by 11:59 pm

Adapted from Everything’s an Argument

If you review “Let’s Charge Politicians for Wasting Our Time” linked
here it is a brief proposal by political and culture writer/blogger Virginia Postrel, you’ll see that she spends quite a bit of time pointing out the irritation caused by unwanted political robocalls to her landline, even though she recognizes that such calls are illegal on cell phones. Does this focus on the landline take away from her proposal that the politicians should have to pay a fee for such calls as well as for unsolicited email messages they send, a proposal also put forward by technology guru Esther Dyson? Would you advise her to revise her argument- and if so, how?

• Identify whether the argument should be revised or not.

• Using the Developing Proposal statements on pages 296-297, determine whether you would revise the argument and if so, how.

• Be sure to cite your source using in-text citation and don’t forget your works cited page.

Length: 1.5 – 2 pages

Format: MLA format, Standard Edited English


Approximately 250 words