Response to moral theory | Philosophy homework help


¬†Peter Singer thinks that the right thing to do is to try to prevent bad occurrences unless we have to sacrifice something morally significant what he means by this is that if you are able to help someone without having to do something morally wrong you should help them. I agree with him because if you can help someone you should do it as long as you are not doing something wrong. Singer also talks about the experiment that if we all put in 5 dollars we shouldn’t give more than 5 because everyone would give 5 but in reality, we don’t work like that some people may give five but others may give less so if we are able we should give more, and I agree with him if we are able to help we should help people something that he said and may me think is that he said that sometimes we buy expensive clothes not because we need but to look more presentable or to appear that we have money but we could actually give this money to someone who actually needs it. I believe it is ethical to help people if you are in a situation that can do it because is moral to do it, he gives a lot of reasons why we should help and he explains ways we can do it. many times we spend our money on things we don’t really need just to have more but instead, we should try to help people with that money one more thing that he said that I find interesting is that he said that helping people or a community should not be considered charity but something good that we can do but don’t have to do. So I do agree with Peter if we can help someone without having to do something morally wrong and we are able to help them we should do it.¬†


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