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based on this work.


Write a first draft/outline of your research paper. This will consist of an outline and a draft which you will submit in Word doc or pdf document file in the week four discussion forum, following the instructions you find there. Two or more pages in length is fine.


Part One: Make a rough outline for your research paper. Include a tentative thesis statement, main ideas and supporting evidence or examples for each paragraph, and work towards a strong conclusion. 


Part Two: Write a rough draft from your outline. Do not worry if the draft is incomplete or has gaps that need to be filled in later when you write the revised version of your paper. For now, fill the gaps in with notes about your research, asking questions you want to answer and developing your writing plans for particular sections and areas that need more work.


Which comes first, the outline or the draft? You may find yourself working on both simultaneously, going back and forth between the two, using outlining and drafting as a way to bring different ways of thinking into the writing process. 


The outline is a guide for organizing your thoughts and the writing of your paper, and the rough draft is meant to be open enough to allow for discoveries as you sift through evidence and synthesize ideas from your sources to arrive at your own original contribution to the conversation.


The research paper, like Essay 1, is an argument and not a report. Keep in mind that an argument does not have to be anything major or dramatic. It is simply a claim a writer makes and follows up with reasons and evidence from other sources — sources with convincing arguments that will help provide support for your claim. Your argument will be something new because you are bringing together ideas that have not been brought together in exactly that way before. 


in 24 hours


Approximately 250 words