Research paper: the foundation of lit. review | EDU 508 – Educational Research Methods | Strayer University

Need By: Tomorrow, 5/23/2021 

Total-$30: $15 Now/ $15 Complete 


Write a 7–10 page paper in which you include: 

  1. Introduction Section – Describe the: 
    1. Introduction to your topic.
    2. Purpose of your research.
    3. Problem statement.
  2. Literature Review – Summarize the literature you collected related to your topic. (This will mainly be from the Week 3 assignment.)
  3. Research Question – Identify the:  
    1. Gap or gaps in the literature.
    2. Research question or hypotheses of your topic.
    3. Proposed theory for your research.
  4. Include at least six peer-reviewed articles related to your topic in the reference page.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards.

Please refer to attached documents for more instruction & PLEASE ONLY SELECT FROM THE SOURCES THAT HAVE BEEN PROVIDED!!!! 


Approximately 250 words