report exploring the stages involved in a specific attack

Assessment Details Create a report exploring the stages involved in a specific attack (of your choice) against a computing system. Select and research an attack of your choice. The attack should be technical in nature and exploit a vulnerability to compromise the security of a process, service, system, or network. You are required to show evidence that you have successfully carried out this exploit within a lab environment. If you wish, you may choose to use one of the vulnerabilities that you exploit within the lab exercises: for example, the RPC DCOM or WebDav exploit. However, selecting an attack it should be better. You are required to use attack software of your choice (such as Metasploit, Armitage, sqlmap, a stand-alone custom exploit, or other software of your choosing), and take screenshots demonstrating each of the stages in the attack. These screenshots are used to illustrate the content of your report. A bibliographic tool, such as Zotero, may be helpful. Your report should have the following outline and content: Front matter Title, student details, word count, and table of contents. Introduction Begin your report with a brief paragraph noting the attack software used, and the vulnerability and exploit covered in your report. Description of the vulnerability, exploit, and attack software Describe the vulnerability that the attack exploits, including how or why the vulnerability exists, what versions of software are vulnerable. Include a technical overview of the category of vulnerability (for example, SQL Injection, buffer overflow, or other as appropriate). Then introduce the exploit and attack software you have chosen to use, and give a detailed description in technical low-level terms of how the attack software is able to exploit the vulnerability. Be sure to describe and differentiate between the vulnerability, exploit, and the attack software. Anatomy of an attack Describe each of the steps of the attack using the attack…


Approximately 250 words