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Discussion Post # 1 Reply to Moruph: Studying for the Board of Family Nurse Practitioner

I have been preparing for the board exam using the Leik review book, the family practice guideline textbook, and the online APEA test bank provided by the school. These are my three favorite resources. The Leik review book and online APEA question bank taught me about the family medicine concept through multiple-choice questions, answers, and rationale. The family practice guidelines teach me about decision-making in managing different conditions. I enjoy combining all of them together to help me pass my board exam. These have been wonderful resources for teaching me the concepts of being a healthcare provider. 

My study plan includes doing 50 multiple-choice questions daily and studying the rationale for why I got some of the answers wrong. Then I usually open the family practice guidelines to look up the condition in question. The cost of the Leik review book is $84 on Amazon, the Family Practice Guideline 5th edition costs $97, and the school provided the online APEA review.
Besides passing the board exam, FNP graduates must also have adequate equipment and resources to practice (Prol & Wink-Gilligan, 2022). In addition, the new FNP must go through credentialing with their potential employer. Also, the new FNP must get a DEA and NPI number to be able to prescribe. The new NP must register with the immunization registry and death certificate authority. The new NP must also enroll in malpractice insurance and be savvy in employment contracts. The new FNP must register with Medicare and Medicaid.

Discussion Post #2 Reply to Regine: Studying for the Board of Family Nurse Practitioner

I have been using practice questions from the APEA quiz bank, exam subject bundle, and the Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review by Maria T. Codina Leif to prepare for the boards, fourth edition. When I looked this book up on Google, the prices ranged from $49.99 to $109.99. These resources appeal to me because they were given to me and strongly recommended by a friend who recently passed the board exam. She mentioned these resources as instructed, which helped me. I am grateful that she provided me with these resources at no expense.  

According to the PowerPoint on the next steps, transcripts should be sent to the state board of nursing.  Additional subjects that need to be addressed are applying for a Medicare provider application, DEA certification, DOT/DMV certification, NPI number, Board of Nursing License, Malpractice Insurance, and Death Certificates (Wendt & Stachoxicz, n.d.).  All states offer the Department of Transportation test to nurse practitioners.  This certification requires thirteen subjects of training and exam accomplishment.  It is possible to take this Certification exam through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP, n.d.). 



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