Reading reflection | Architecture and Design homework help

Please use your weekly reading notes as a basis to construct an essay for reading reflection. Each reading note should have about 250 words for each reading,  so collectively and adding your reflection, this assignment should be about 1000+ words. The first part consist in the summary of EACH reading for week 2-4 and then the second part is your reflection of all readings. The total is 1000-2000 words. The assignment includes:

1. Summarize each reading that use the rhetoric pecis as a template to answer the following questions:

1) which article you read,

2) according to the author(s), why the topic is important and what is the key point the author(s) wants to make?

3)  what are the evidences, supporting arguments, or recommendations that the author(s) presented in this reading?

4) who are the target audiences that the author(s) intended to deliver to?

2. Write your own reflections on the readings, which answers, but not limited to, the following questions: 

1) Why this topic is important to sustainable and resilient community design?

2) How would this topic be built upon environments that are equitable and just? and vice versa?

3) How would this topic related to climate change impacts and solutions to cope with climate change?


Approximately 250 words