Puzzel spring bd | Literature homework help

 This short story has enough symbols that if they were eggs, the floor would be a slippery mess. (I do try to make these prompts sound alive.)

Why are they there?  Because this is feminist literature from a country that has a culture of placing women in subservient roles.  Having said that, there are always exceptions.  This story is not one of them.

It has nuance and intensity of experience. It has a clear story line and shows the machinations of some marriages. It has lying to protect revelation.  It has the come from behind kid making good. It has a jealous husband. It has a poor sense of self being negated.

Look at the 16 symbols: elevator, stairs, storm, Spring, water, audition, Natsuo (means Summer life), acting, Yusuke (means easeful support), Spring Storm (means revelation), rain, metaphor with the Rosalinis and Bergmans, script writer, director, changes as in smoking, musical play

Take all of these symbols and make a crossword puzzle. Use a related clue in terms specific to this story (interpretation). The idea is to have fun and yet see the relationships and how the story “works.”

There are Internet sites that can set up the pile of words for you. These may or may not be of value to you.  These are a start to finding a site to suit that does not charge.





Approximately 250 words