Project research (engineering technology and information sciences) | CEIS100 | DeVry University–Illinois


The first part of the course project involves  researching interesting jobs in your chosen career field and the skills you need to attain this job. Use the Course Project Part 1 document as a guideline to complete this phase of the Course Project assignment. This submission is due Week 5. 

Part 1

  1. Use a web browser to research jobs currently available in your field.
    1. Open up a web browser and navigate to the https:/ (Links to an external site.) site.
    2. Type into the search criteria a career you are interested in (i.e.,  “biomedical engineering”, “software developer”, “network engineer”).
    3. You can include other relevant words, like lifelong learning or even a job title that you may be already interested in.
    4. Identify and document three job designations that you are interested in.

Part 2

  1. Determine the skill set required for each of these positions.
    1. Use  the Google search engine to research into the job titles that you have  identified as interesting. Search for the skill sets required for these  job titles. Pay special attention to skills required for multiple  positions.

Part 3

  1. Compile a list of jobs and skills.
    1. Use  the discussions to work with your classmates to compile a listing of  available jobs, required skill sets (list at least 10 skills), and  learning opportunities. Try to identify trends and from this information  develop a personal learning plan. 


Approximately 250 words