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Aim of Assignment: To understand and apply the processes of cost estimating Details A university in Sydney wants to run an international conference on project management in Sydney. The University’s project objectives are to provide a profile for the university’s commitment to project management education and to provide the community with project management knowledge. The University has already sought tenders from project management consultants to provide project management services for the conference and your consultancy was the successful bidder. The University’s own project sponsor for this project is Professor Jefferson (an academic staff member at the university). In your first meeting with Professor Jefferson he discussed the scope of the project and asked you to submit a report which provides an cost estimate (excluding revenue considerations) for the proposed conference. The following outline scope statement was provided:  2-day conference in Sydney to be run in January 2015  two high-profile international keynote speakers – one for each day  the rest of the programme to be filled with local speakers from within Sydney  conference delegate accommodation will be at their own arrangement and cost  a conference dinner (with entertainment) to be organised on the evening of the first day  costs are to be based on an expected attendance of 200 delegates Your submission must contain the following sections: 1. an introduction to the report (there is no need for an executive summary) 2. a brief explanation of how the data required for the estimate was collected/sourced (ie analogous, parametric, definitive, locations searched, etc) 3. a detailed list of the contents of the estimate and the respective costs. All sources of cost information must be referenced both in-text and in a reference list at the end of the report. Costs should be easy to obtain given that this is not an unusual project. A clear and full explanation of the scope of each item (ie quantity, type, etc) must be provided (including any necessary calculations required to arrive at the cost) and a cost per delegate. You are not required to investigate or report on sponsorships for the conference NOTE: No conclusion or recommendation section is required Presentation (10 marks) 10 Marks will also be awarded for the quality of presentation comprising appropriate layout, neatness of work and appropriate referencing for sources of data. Format The assignment must be typed on A4 paper (using one side only of each A4 sheet of paper) in double space typing and presented with a cover sheet setting out your name, lecturer’s name, unit title and the topic of the assignment. All pages should be numbered. All assignments must be thoroughly checked for typing, spelling and grammatical errors before being submitted. Dates Date given & due – see unit outline and Blackboard announcement. Students must submit their assignments electronically (using Turnitin in Blackboard) before 5:00pm submission date shown in unit outline. Please combine your work into one computer file (i.e. embedding all spreadsheets, attachments into the document) and make sure the it is correctly labelled showing your Last Name-ID-Assessment Title (ie. PCM642-Smith-12345678-assignment1) PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT 642 ASSIGNMENT NO 1 (Value 40%) – T1A 2014 (Sydney) Topic: COST ESTIMATING PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT 642 – T1A 2014 (Sydney) ASSIGNMENT No. 1 – MARKING SHEET NAME: ___________________________ TOPIC: PROJECT ESTIMATING AND BUDGETING MARKS COMPONENT Maximum mark Quality of submission Poor Reasonable Good Excellent 1. Introduction: appropriate content and clarity 10 0 – 4 5 – 6 7 – 8 9 – 10 2. Explanation how data collected/ sourced: sufficient detail and clarity 10 0 – 4 5 – 6 7 – 8 9 – 10 3. List of contents: sufficiency of items, reasonable cost, adequate and clear explanation of scope and cost, adequate referencing 70 0 – 29 30 – 39 40 – 59 60 – 70 4. Presentation: appropriate layout, correct referencing, neatness 10 0 – 4 5 – 6 7 – 8 9 – 10 TOTAL MARK %


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