Primary document analysis | American history homework help


This document sheds an unfiltered light on politics in the Gilded Age by detailing the famous / infamous career of a New York City politician. Plunkitt’s views provide a window into this era and the fundamental transformations reshaping the country and redefining what it meant to be an American.

Answer the following three (3) questions in an essay a MINIMUM length of Two (2) FULL Pages.

1. What does this document reveal about the nature of American politics in the Gilded Age? Please be specific.

2. What major aspects of Mr. Plunkitt’s approach to politics do you approve of and/or disapprove of? Why? Please be specific.

3. Are there parallels with this primary document from the early 1900s and the nature of politics and role of politicians in modern society today? In what specific ways?

Please remember to use specific evidence from these documents to support your arguments. 


Approximately 250 words