Powerpoint network slide | Computer Science homework help


  • Please do a PowerPoint slides of your research paper presentation .
    • Use the content from your project report (and external research if required) to prepare slides.
    • Time your presentation to end in 12 to 15 minutes while covering all the slides.
  • You may use Microsoft power point software to record your audio on each slide (video is not required). Alternatively, you may also use any software of your choice for recording your presentation (e.g.: zoom software)
  • PowerPoint preparation guidelines:
    • Title slide
    • Minimum of 12 slides  (Excluding title slide and bibliography)
    • Notes are required for each slide except title slide.
    • Bibliography

I have attached my paper for you to create the slide from also I am missing a wan topology for all of the branch networks grouped together. I have included a copy of the deliverables for the research paper and not for the powerpoint silde just to give you an idea of what is expected. 


Approximately 250 words