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Policy Analysis

Policy analysis must weigh evidence against opinion. This may make it dif�cult for those who cannot

separate the two. In addition to the numbers of citizens who are helped and harmed, it is important to

include other things, such as giving special thought to long-term consequences and unintended

consequences as well as short-term consequences.

Policy analysis requires the individual to identify options, compare options, examine everything from

multiple perspectives, and determine possible outcomes. Subject matter experts, citizens, and

economists can all help with the undertaking of concepts analyzation.  

There are steps that must be taken to do this well.

Identify possible options. There are often more than just two. Don’t let yourself be swayed by

fallacies, such as false choice, straw man, red herring, and begging the question (circular


Describe each policy, including who will be affected (both positively and negatively) and how they

will be affected.

Examine the context.

Make sure you are examining like things if you decide to do comparisons.

Examine the costs and bene�ts to each group affected.

Determine which option is the best for the majority of the people. If your concern is not for the

majority, consider why not. Determine whether the majority of the population will be harmed.

Policy analysis plays an important part in any of the steps of policy creation and implementation. Well-

done analysis guides the decision-making process, so the �nal result is a policy that is effective and as

ef�cient and fair as possible. It can also be used during the implementation process to assist with a

smoother and more ef�cient implementation. Policy analysis can help policy makers �nd �aws so that

the policy can be improved.

Chambers, (2000, p.71) recommended the careful detailing of goals and objectives, forms of bene�ts

or services delivered, eligibility rules, �nancing, and the structure for service delivery.


Approximately 250 words